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From Rejection to divine connection ! October 18, 2011

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In recent times have been willing to write but I never really got inspired until some days ago when somethings happened to me , if you are looking for someone who has been through both fire and rain please search no further I am the one you are looking for ,words cant quantify the amount of issues and equal amount of blessing siting as passengers in my BRT bus .

…Something in me has been willing to do more than I have been doing infact I caught newer dreams newer visions , so I thought I had so many things all planned up by myself and my funny brain , somehow I got slammed by failures so much that you will think I never made efforts to do better at all . awwwwwww failure hurts as if failure is not enough , rejection followed , haaaaa only me , and God whispered to me” blessed are those who rejected you and refuse to feature in your future because God will increase the size of their eyes to see how beautiful your future will be.”…….did I hear you say Amen !

In the midst of me trying to figure it all out and juggle it up , God straightened up some paths .Sometime ago I couldn’t sleep for about 2 days I was dead worried ,I woke up to pray and I prayed and prayed, then I woke up and I decided to face one of my greatest fear , I got up and took my car keys and raced off , somehow there has to been an end to all these drama ,but unfortunately I got more slams than I thought but my consolation is that maturity has made me to understand that as I walked out of the door raising my head up tall and high I had truthfully faced one of my greatest fears . Every slam I get on my feet adds to the no of hours I spend on my knees to get acceptance .The activities that followed on that same day made me marvel at the mightiness of God , I went to celebrate my pain , I had a good lunch , infact  I ate so quick you will think have just broken a 40days fast , after which I zoomed off to see a woman who I just thought was a woman for an interview for my radio show , but unfortunately I met a destiny Partner , someone who was a MAXI ME and I am MINI HER , Bola Nelson Esssien is  the best thing that could happen to me on the 15th of Oct this year . I got much more than the interview , one of the dreams God has been laying in my mind became more real and clearer .Meeting her was enough to wipe off the tears I cried earlier that day .The diary of a desperate naija woman has been a blessings to me , she told me You are created in God’s image , God made you complete , all you need to be the you God intended you to be is already inside of you, so you don’t need a MAN to make you whole ,there’s a MAN out there who is missing something , waiting for you to come into his life bringing along all of your Godly completeness . The Man who finds you has indeed found an A+ SELF ASSURED WOMAN , who is capable of adding value to his own life , when you get it , it is a beautiful thing like a Rainbow.

Am sure have heard these words in the past , but the fact that I was in a funny situation brought a sort of new meaning to these words , it was as if someone was piercing my heart with aboniki , awwwww these hurts , but so true. I looked inwards , I looked past my slams and rejection , I looked up and I said to myself I do better with my bads , I can do better with my mistakes , I didnt need to nurse it , curse it, rehearse it , I just have to disburse it so that God can reverse it . So I had a good pep talk and meeting with Me , I will go back on my knees , kneel before my God to know his mind .Its time to reposition treasure chest of possibilities .Because behold GOD WILL ALWAYS DO A NEW THING . I had to shake it off ,I discovered every major moves of God needs discernment , some hoouses are not for me , so I shouldnt get depressed if am rejected , because its a sign that it is not my place ,I also need to strive not to pour myself into things that are wasted or places that dont have the capacity to contain me .

You see there lies a large well of greatness locked up within you , no matter how you get rejected you have to keep trying , because if its from God , he will bring it to pass . No man has the right to control your life or mind except God your maker . When God brings the right people your way it will stir up somethings in you . I have come this far , I have travelled through routes of trials , tribulations , rejection , suprises , but I keep landing on bustops full of blessings . Sooner or later the stammerer will speak clearly . All not some , but all will be well .



Wired for passion! July 13, 2011

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My problem is, I have a hard time writing unless my heart is exploding. Okay, maybe not exploding, but feeling intensely. This becomes a bit of a hassle, because ninety percent of the time am busy, but I love to write

My guess is that the same is true of so many writers . Do you have a few things that you do just because you love them? Do they make you feel awake, as if today’s your first day and you’re sensing everything afresh? Maybe you feel energized when you’re writing music. Maybe you sense the passion when you run or swim or speak your mind. Maybe you get worked up when you talk politics. Whatever your “thing” is, that passion helps keep you going. Sometimes you have to pump yourself full of coffee to trick your body into imitating that passion, but you can’t replace the real thing. That passion is what makes you, you.

You and I are most alive when we are passionate about something. Our brains speed up. We become more sensitive to our surroundings. Our emotions take an exit from “Average,” and we start to feel intensely. I think there’s a meaning behind this phenomenon.

We were hardwired for passion.

Not just momentary emotional highs.

Not short-lived bursts of inspiration.

You and I were created to have overall purpose etched into our lives. That purpose becomes a passion that-whether we always feel it or not-helps to guide our decisions and defines the way we live.

We’re meant to have a cause-a mission. There’s a reason for the “wildness in us.”

Though school, relationship drama, worries, and the general buzz of life can steal our attention away-we’re meant for more. Our wildness was created on purpose, an echo of our Creator. Call it a longing for forever in a world of what’s temporary; call it a cry to the heavens for some unbroken place to stand. We were created for God. While we may funnel our passion in other things-like school, friends, status, success, popularity, and daily worries-we were originally designed to funnel our passion to giving God glory.

We were made for more than a list of causes. We were made for One.

Some people who recognized their particular wildness allowed their lives to be changed, single-mindedly pouring all their passion into that single purpose.
One Scottish woman became so passionate about the Cause that she determined to share it with others. Amy Carmichael left home and traveled to India, where she worked to rescue orphan girls from sex slavery, long before sex trafficking became a widely publicized issue. She did not return to her homeland, but poured out her years helping children the world had forgotten. She’s buried in India where her adoptive children built a birdbath over her grave, to remember the beauty of her life
Remember you are not just wired , you are hardwired for Passion



Smile and you’ll never walk alone ! June 7, 2011

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They say a smile is a curve that sets everything straight and if you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.   While driving home yesterday, I saw very nice oranges and I felt the urge to buy them, I parked to get some, and I started sucking my oranges even while driving, I smiled mischievously because I wondered why I would be doing such, I wasn’t so hungry, I am someone you can consider a bit of coded public figure by virtue of my radio Job, but I didn’t mind.  I remembered today is  my EX’s birthday and I smiled to myself because I remembered the good old days , surprises I would put up , crazy and funny things I would do because I was in love , Oh my God how time flies , but the thought of it makes me smile

There are also times I do some babyish and naughty things on my own , I could walk up to the mirror and talk to myself , address myself like am addressing an audience , times when I would not want to talk to anyone and just be in myself , these times makes me smile . And when I remember my first kiss, I laugh at me not smile.

I smile at the woman have grown up to become , I smile at the mistakes have made in the past , the thought that I let some little but very important things slip off my fingers makes me smile , The thought of  friends have kept and those that I don’t know their whereabouts’ makes me smile . Imagine there was a day I just wanted to be pampered , and I told some of my friends what my expectation is like , and one of them took it upon herself to do me a treat  I remembered this day and I smiled . I remembered some thoughts that have led to decisions in my life, I also remembered the choices that I didn’t make but made me and I smiled. I remembered my fears, my worries, my imperfections and I smile. Imagine recently I started taking basic phonetics, pronunciation and presentation course , and my teacher made me realize how badly I had been speaking before now , the thought that I had wounded some words in the past makes me smile , but trust me now I know better .

Where I am now makes me smile, where I have been makes me smile, and where I am going to bring a smile on face, Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. Some people naturally have a great smile. Others analytical types like me must work at it. One way to tell if you’re in my category is to recall picking up your developed photos. As you flipped through the pictures, you didn’t like the way you looked in most of them. But then…you discovered that one great picture of yourself. In it, you look friendly you’re smiling broadly and your eyes twinkle. Now THAT picture looks like you!

In everyday life the same concept applies. You might be enjoying your job, but fail to show it. You may want to meet someone, yet not give them a single, friendly clue. You can even be IN LOVE with somebody, and totally hide it. Your face should express what you feel when you wish to connect with others.

Sometimes it’s life’s little reminders that help us focus on making self-improvements. It’s a sign of growth , Imagine I can smile and laugh at myself , it shows a lot about the woman have become , in life for every plus there is a minus , for every pro, there is a con, for every Yes there is a No , How couldn’t you smile when you dream about the future. Dream and you shall smile , Smile and you’ll start dreaming charming tots


The inquisitive spy!!! April 20, 2011

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I wish I could spy everyone’s heart and know what runs through it every day, I wish I could see their past , their pains , even their future by mere looking into their eyes ,My level of inquisitiveness has risen to the max .I was walking down the street someday and I saw an old man pushing plank of wood . He was so tired but he has to keep pushing. I felt his pain and really wished I could help him push. I got into my car and yet to recover from the site of the old man, I saw another Woman hawking, she looked very unhappy, and across the street was also a Young man walking like he has soldier ants in his pants, quick moves like he was being chased, you can tell that he was hurrying to his place of work.

I quietly drove home , and the first person I saw was my mum , I hugged her , I joked with her and looked into her eyes to tell her some sweet words , obviously she had missed me , she ran a quick commentary of the events have missed so far , I watched her talk and my mind raced back to all the people have seen , I moved closer to her to feel her skin , she’s getting old I muttered to myself .I looked at her from afar while she wasn’t watching , I wanted to know what was going through her mind , I wanted to know what she has vowed not to tell anyone .
Then It dawned on me that I have been on my own , in my own world all through my adventurous and inquisitive mood .But really I wanted answers to the questions so many people where wearing on their faces . I wanted to be able to tell the old man , All will be well , I wanted someone to tell me why an old man would be suffering , I wanted someone to tell me while a baby would be abandoned , I wanted to know how the idea of killing and slaughtering came up in the minds of some evil men. Am asking for so much, I should be carrying the search engine “Google|” in my hands like book. I wish I had a dollar for every heart that broken and a penny for every child hood dream that has never been realized.

I was tempted to ask God why did you created us so different , I came across a bible verse that says ” he made us a little lower than the angels ” this gave me a little sigh of relieve , but hell no , will an angel be pushing truck on the road , does an angel feel pain , does an angel know someone is hurting , why didn’t God orchestrate everyone life like prince Charles and the queen .And in my immature moments I whined, “God, do you care this hurts me?” The more I ask he less answers I get, because I had to pinch myself out of my professional asking mood, that the only person who has the answers to all the questions I have been asking is the unquestionable one. I am me , I will stay as me , I would not be 100percent present at the events that happen to another person in this life apart from me .
”But as a human that I am , and as someone who has a heart to help ,a will to solve so many problems , It was OK for me to ask questions , I realized that Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved

I sat lonely running my hands through my keyboard, someone told me a long time ago , Funmi this is your life, God knows what it’s meant to be, Know you’ve got a destiny; no more waiting to begin,if you have faith and know you’ll win, You can make it in this thing called life.

Time is of the essence & you better believe, That you can do anything, Get up follow your dreams don’t you dare give up, No matter how hard it seems you only get it once, Getting by is not enough so take a chance and live this life. How are you going to make it if you never try?
Nobody said it was gonna be easy. But you gotta do what you gotta do, Put on your best foot and step forward, Knowing that God will see you through, So when you get tired and you feel a little faint. Know somebody’s watching you and will help you on your way.
I have some questions to ask the greatest MAN when I see him someday.



Better than then March 22, 2011

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Wow ,another year is gone , thank God for his mercies , I tried not to write , infact am still fighting the feeling , cant say I was really excited but mixed feelings , yeah , One thing I always check is achievement , every year that I live once am hail and healthy , then I evaluate and try to audit achievement in the past one year that have spent , most times I write down goals , and I realized that in the past one year , some of my dreams have been fulfilled , some not all , guess I have just one or two things left on the list but don’t ask me .

I enjoyed my birthday beyond what I expected , I cried like two days before 21st and really I cant really say why I was crying , uncontrollable tears , basically I know am not where I want to be , but I know am on my way already ,Over the years I looked my self as a beautiful woman who is very confident and not competitive with other women.Though there are times when I get so afraid because I don’t want to fail God and fail myself .

Sometimes I feel regrets for somethings I should have done in the past , for silly things that have happened in the past for good opportunities that just slip away , but once one door closes , so many others open , the value you keep adding to your life determines the type of opportunities that you will attract . I took sometimes to learn new things like speaking Good British English , because I know that I got Media on my mind , and my shows will be coming up , its better to do it well .

Another thing I realized is , most of us feel there’s so much competition going on in the world , but from my very own point of view there is no competition , no one is competing with us , and we also put ourselves under unnecessary pressure . Little wonder why am still single , am sure you cant imagine why? , everyone ask why ? why ? why ? , I see the positive part of it than the negative ,the more I wait the better I become , its better to be Single and whole , than to be married and Worst , but I cant deny my femininity atimes , the feeling to love and be loved , and dreams and vision of living happily ever after to someone I really love and adore ,there are times I fall in and out of Love ,its no big deal , I have learnt to manage my emotions , I cant get everything or everybody I want , meanwhile am channeling my energy to things I love to do , am working on my dreams , though some people think its getting the whole lot out of me, but as scattered as the dreams look now , very soon I know God will be glad that I took time out to discover me and pursue why am on earth . Its better not to live your life in a cycle that leads to no growth and fulfillment, you need to start each day armed with a clear vision of what you want to achieve in life , am also guilty of executing daily plans , this needs a lot of discipline , to achieve so much one has to be disciplined ,its very key , I found out that its very easy to procrastinate or be carried away by helping others especially our Employers than to achieve their dreams while they smile to the banks with 10 figures or more at the end of the day or monthly , but we neglect executing our ideas , most especially Women , once a lady is married then she believes she lives for her family ,am not against that , but what about our childhood dreams , what about the reason why we are on earth , and that is why I have thought of coming up with a program called EVOLVED WOMEN , its going to help rediscover women, its a radio program going through the re-branding/sponsorship state ,by faith this dreams will come to reality by the Grace of God

I have had my own fair share of Love and Pain , and I know what it really means , when I see people go through things have gone through before , because am an emotional person , I get involved and try to Help , little wonder why at times I see less privileged people and feel so much compassion , I always wish I had a penny for every heart that’s broken , I really wish I could help sort every childhood dreams that has never been realized

A friend of mine a blogger says and I quote “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.There are times I really want to quit , times when I feel I cant do somethings like even MC weddings , I get calls for Jobs here and there and they turn out to be good . Relationships are good especially with good friends but you have to be a good friend too . Irrespective of whomever you meet in life please and please be good . There are times when I look back at people I had lost I wish I could turn back the hands of time but its not possible .The only thing is time changes yesterday , tomorrow is definitely going to be better than yesterday , if only we just believe

One thing I seek so much in my life that I think about every second is God . I want to know God , even though I see God smiling and saying ” Funmi you can do better with me ” , yes ! yes! I want to know his mind , I want instructions on every thing , even things as simple as what to eat and where to go . Over the years I have realized majority of my mistakes and set backs come from lack of working according to the will of God or seeking God’s mind . He has a will and His will makes a Way .Most of us just dabble into things here and there including me without knowing God’s mind , its not the best . I tell young people its better to get it right on time , so you don’t waste too much time , Life is such a beautiful place and time is Golden , but one day I opened my bible and I saw something that struck me ” timing is the lords business ” I got so shocked that I closed the bible and I cant remember where the book /verse/chapter of the bible I saw it .
God needed to pass that message quickly so I can get some worries off my mind .

I want to write a book this year , this was part of last year’s dreams that I didn’t accomplish , but I know better that I CAN DO IT , IF I TRY .I long to go back on air soon , and bless lives as soon as I can .I long to get married and be a very good wife and mother of my kids . I long to get more exposure professionally .I long to be the best for my immediate family and my friends .I long to do so many new things , I long to go for a Vacation again this year . l long to know God and see him more clearly , Love him more dearly , Follow him more nearly everyday of my New Year

Finally you wont loose anything by getting in tune with your real self , our greatness doesn’t happen overnight. So while you are tossing seeds of hope here and there, it’s likely that you experience imperfect people, human nature, obstacles
Don’t get discouraged by the details, by people, by the mountains that keep popping up, HE will use it all to shape your identity and define your future.

God bless you for stopping by to read through my blog

Charming love you



Hi Goliath , I am David !!! March 10, 2011

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For real being short tempered is been termed as a weakness , but there are times you just get very angry like you can crest an earthquake , am sure some of us have been in this kinda state before Oh, there are times that the great intentions of the heart are so frustrated by the frail reality of our humanness.

Makes me wonder what happened someday, I was going to have my bath in my apartment and some lady stepped on my toes , step as in did something so embarrassing and cruel to me ,at first I tried to manage my temper , I tried to calm down , but she was rather too tough for me , In that moment I yelled, I was too furious that I threw caution into the winds , After the whole scene , I went into my room and I was quiet , I sat down looking very disappointed in myself I chastised myself for being so far from God’s standard of gentleness and patience and long-suffering love. I felt weak. I felt the sting of failure.

But, isn’t that part of it? Realizing how frail our humanity makes us. I admitted my failure but refuse to wallow in it.

Deal with the issue but not heap shame on the offender. Some minutes later , the Lady walked into my room to apologize for what happened . I was ashamed of Me .I told her it was fine , that I have nothing against her and she was happy . (I’m nothing if not dramatic.) Yet, “and then something in me says” pick up the pieces of a wasted, angry morning. Set my activities aside, set demands aside, set the world’s expectations aside and infuse bad with good.

I’m not capable of this. But God’s spirit in me is so very capable.

There are times when people hurt you , when people throw insults at you like fresh air , when hurting people hurt you ,you get angry , you get furious , but whatever happens learn to close doors gently .

I remembered the story of a guy called DAVID , who fought a Giant called GOLIATH , no one would ever believe that just a stone was capable of running down the Giant , a well harmed and trained giant , to an ordinary Bush boy , this means that it’s not in the Volume of words you speak when you are angry, or actions you show , lately have been pressed but not crushed , persecuted but not abandoned by GOD , but because I have learnt my lessons , I just keep my cool , and don’t get worked up over petty things that could be overlooked ,I don’t need to show up too strong that I can handle the battles of life like a Goliath , I might just need to get the right stones like David and win the battles quietly , At times we don’t need to get so much wrapped up in what you are going to do about issues , but rather in what you want to be.

Dear Friend … I don’t know how. None of us really do. But the beauty of HIM is that He never asks us to figure all of life out. He simply says, follow ME. Follow ME in this minute and the next and the next.

So, step by imperfect step, I do. Whispering to myself , I want to be so much more … we need help to unravel the great mystery of being so very human with a soul that cries for more and more “and then some.”

Manage your emotions , you might just avoid fighting .

Loving thoughts



Its the Bend , not the End !!!! November 18, 2010

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Wow!, its been a while , How come have not been writing like I promised myself , Discipline matters in life , If you(Funmi+Everyone) wants to achieve anything in life .Life throws us different blows ,even punches and slaps and kicks , but the ability to remain standing and go through it all , makes you stronger ,The world is never going to run out of troubles ,so be prepared .
Life , each day has unfold loads of experiences and activites ,day in day out .I wade through it like a voyager,at times I smile , sometimes I even cry , I have gotten to some point recently that I feel heaven no ! I cant go on , somehow God will just make a way , the untimely blessings negates the trials , so for every trial there is an equivalent blessing .For every mess there is an equal and better message .
Looking back, I can honestly say that the greatest treasures in my life have been discovered during the darkest times of my life.
Over the years, weaknesses have given way to strengths and failures have led to successes and God has used it all for His glory and my good.
In God’s economy, a mess is the perfect setting for a miracle,A sliver of hope and a seed of victory are buried at the center of every problem. God has gone before everyone of us .
There are moments in my life when I tell myself the simple truth , except you follow and allow his will , you might run into issues , there is a lot of blessings to be claimed , so many promises to be fulfilled .We just need to align .

There are times when I just wish God should appear , I long for his touch , at times I dont know what to think and just remain mute and Blank ……………….that’s funny . We all need to give ourselves honest judgement at times , check yourself , often times when things are not going the way I want I just chill , and listen to myself and them seek God , not blaming anyone , but there is this fighting spirit that keeps me going , I just notice there is something about me that gives a daily check on what I really want for myself and what God says I would become .

Not to say too much ,Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, GOD smiles from above and says, “Relax, sweetheart, it’s just a bend, not the end!.When the tough times come, just look for the pearls.At times the road might just be a bend , but not the end , so if you think you’ ve gotten to the end of the road , keep moving , look ahead , turn right or left , there is definately a way out .

keep on keeping on .
Charming thots