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WHY? WHY ?I WISH I KNEW WHY! OMG March 10, 2008

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Just as I was excited that it was going to be a great weekend on friday , so I got the news of my friend who had an accident just about getting to her house , details of the this I wouldnt want to bore you with it , ok and i started thinking , God how come things like this happen ,why ACCIDENTS , even to christians who confess everyday  “The lord is my sheperd ” have accidents .But I cant question God he alone understands the reason why all these things happen even to the righteous , at times I wish I could know the mind of God. But I know God is still God he has not change. We all wish that our roads would be accident free , we could drive safely and get to our destination in peace , even the word accident shouldnt exist in our world , be it road , home or whatever .
We need a safety in every aspects of our lives , even the smallest part of our body is very important, imagine life without the eyes you are using to read my blog , or the hands/finger you are using to click on that mouse , omg ! whatever it is we should give thanks , he said he’ll never leave us nor forsake us, he is our helper , through the storm .If he can bring you to it he can bring you through it .
Nice day


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