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IF I March 18, 2008

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If i have a song for everyhear thats broken and everyone that can’t go on , for everychildhood dreams that has never been realised ,
if I have answers to everyquestions that lies in everyone’s mind ,if , if , if .
Really most of us use this word like everytime , some say if I was the presisdent I would do this and th at, some say if it was me , I would and I wouldnt , but alas the reason why we feel IF is because we have not been in some shoes some people are wearong presently now , and it could be IF I have done this or that , meaning a statement of regret, but when deeds are done and gone if they are unpalatable regrets sets in , mostly IF they are our mistakes , then we look back and say IF I had known. We live a life of ups and down some win some , some loose some , some win all , some loose all , only IF you are determined to run things and not let things run you , but at times its the other way round , only God has the answer to this .
My IF is IF I have wounded any soul today , IF I have forced some people to so astray , IF I have worked in my own willful way , dear Lord forgive .
Why IF ?


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