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At times I wonder why , do we loose things , OPPS !!!!!!!!! I hate looking for stuffs , its like suffering looking for something you have in your hands or at sight a minute/second ago , its even very funny that you might not see the stuff immediately although you need it urgently , then you see it much later when you dont need it again .
Many at times we misplace things that are valuable uknowningly like a Gold chain , or one leg of shoe ,at times you contemplate on getting a stuff probably then you don t have much , then the stuff gets misplaced a little while after thr acquisition .At times your stuff can fall in a muddy place of even inside the gutter unfortunately you might not be ableto pick it again , or if might get damaged when it falls .
A clearer picture of what am trying to say was a day I misplaced my purse in my friends car , she dropped me off and on retuning I have no money to God back Atm would have been my easiest way of getting money but it’s inmy purse , so another friend of mine , decided to loan me some money , I dropped by to see a friend who was hospitalised and all the while I kept the loaned money in mu pocket . I met two guys in the hospital who were goingmy way , we decided to leave together on getting to the car pack I discovered the loaned money was missing , whao !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG , I almost freaked out , what? even the loaned money is missing so am left with nothing , I had to bury my pride and told the guys with me that I dont have anymoney on me ,God being so Good they told me not to worry , I was very downcast , they encouraged me and gave me some money which was beyond my expectation , when God is at work , he gives an avenue for praise , all Glory has to be returned and given to him despite all odds , .

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