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Feel how you want to be treated March 25, 2008

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Hey , it was my birthday on the 21st of Marcb, great day is it ? I never thought the celebration will begin from the 20th , when my co-workers organised a very beautiful cake and gave me a suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 , I was touched , the reason was because it was beyond my expectation , it wasnt too much of them but I was’nt expecting it.The main reason was because I didnt feel too special to be treated that way , morever the day after which was the D-day brought even more amazing suprises than the previous whao!!!!!!!!! people care , irrespective of how you know them ,I didnt feel I deserve so much calls and remmberance this year , because the previous year was dry , maybe if I have felt better I would have had more suprises , more gifts and all sorts , As a matter of fact we need to feel special about ourselves , what you feel determines how people respond towards you in terms of feelings , a verse in the bible says ,”thank you lord because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” that is the extend we need to feel about ourselves ,so WONDERFUL , a friend of mine gave me a long call that day, and I was narrating all thaT had happened and she was like, hey girl ! you are so speacial , I feel people love you so much and you dont know the extent which you have touched lives and I was marvelled , come to think of it I just met this Grlfriend of mine , if she feels this way how much more people I had known in the past.All of us need encouragement, and the beautiful part about encouragement is this: anybody can do it!”You might have been Harassed by demands and deadlines; bruised by worry, adversity and failure; broken by disillusionment and defeated by sin, they live somewhere between dull discouragement and sheer panic but, feel Good today because someone , somewhere , somehow cares , feel Good only you can trully make your self feel it


One Response to “Feel how you want to be treated”

  1. facelessheart Says:

    I stand tall to say I’m a also a lucky beneficiary of the large heart God’s given you.

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