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When you loose , "dont freak out " March 26, 2008

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Just yesterday on my way home , I got a text and it was not shocking but I concluded instead of feeling downcast , I’ll rather get on my knees .
When you lose what you love you go through five stages:

(1) Denial – “No, it can’t be happening.”

(2) Anger – “God, why are You permitting this?”

(3) Bargaining – “Please make it go away.”

(4) Depression – Silence and withdrawal.

(5) Acceptance – “Not my will but Yours be done.”
Whether it’s the loss of a child, a marriage, a job, your health, love (your guy /babe ) when you turn to God He’ll give you the grace to embrace it, grieve it, express it, release it, and go on to become stronger. Sometimes we seek quick relief by releasing it before we’ve gone through these stages. That’s because we fear the process. We’ve been taught that any show of emotion is a show of weakness, so we stuff it. But we only stuff it into our emotional rubbish bin, then spend all our time and energy sitting on the lid, trying to keep the contents from spilling out. It’s knowing and embracing the truth, including its painful aspects, that sets you free , but how many of us can allow ourselves to go through this process .
We must be willing to forgive. But until we come to grips with the enormity of we rush to forgive, we forgive only in part and we’re released only in part.
Are we running from pain today? Are we trading it in prematurely for some other feeling? That’s not God’s way , we will weep and mourn… but [eventually] our grief will turn to joy… and no one will take [it] away”. Oh God I cant wait .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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