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Someday there’ll be no more ME or YOU December 18, 2008

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Hello All ,

How have you been trust the mighty one has been doing wonders in your life , I left you in his hands and no doubt I know he has been wonderful , have been away I get so ashamed when I don’t send my mails on time I sense this dryness in me , rivers of living water never runs dry ,so I have to keep bothering you am so sorry it’s not me it’s something in me.

I attended the funeral service of my grandfather last week ,the man was quite old but people couldn’t stop crying like as if he was so young , no doubt he lived a good life he wasn’t so rich but he lived a good and respectable life , a leader anywhere even in the midst of the so called elites’ they loved him , I was touched and I thought how would my end be , what would people say about me , achievement or not , I wonder some people don’t even have children to bury them , he was survived by children , grandchildren and great-grandchildren whao !what a life , I kept thinking we all need to live a good life because soon we’ll be all gone , there will be no me nor you , so we need to simplify our lives spend every moment as though it were your last before the thief of always steal tomorrow from your hands , may lord let us live a remarkable life , a life worth emulating , though live is noting , it’s like a wind blowing here and there , someday we shall return to the one who sent us for his own pleasure and we will take nothing with us , and throughout the funeral and all the lyrics of the hymns kept running through my mind even till now , let me leave you with this verse that touched me so much

Rest comes at length: though life be long and dreary,

The day must dawn, and darksome night be past;

Faith’s journeys end in welcome to the weary,

And Heaven, the heart’s true home, will come at last.

Let’s not live our lives like a candle in the wind , I pray we make it to heaven someday , don’t be afraid to die provided you have lived a good life death to you wil be like rest and joy though pain to the world

I love you but God loves you more

Funmilola Fasunloye


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