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"THANK YOU LORD" Just say it , February 23, 2009

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Everyday i relaise i have my life back the way i put it to rest the previous night ,my legs i can raise , the eyes i shut to take a rest are wide open , then i take a step, up i go! to start another day’s journey, hmmm what a miracle !!!!, am sure same applies to you , the only reason why u can read my write up is simply becuase you are alive , can you imagine even scientist are yet to create or event life , that manigficent power has not been given to anyone else but GOD , so wont you just say thank you , thats all you need to say for waking you up this morning ,even for nights that you think u wont make it to the next day ,and if u decide not to say thankyou it doesnt mean he will withold the free air he gave you to breathe and live , no …..he is not a wicked GOD , so why dont you just say it and mean it.
Upon all we do to mock and insult this great man , still he gives us the best gift , the GIFT OF LIFE , imagine if you had eyes and u cant see , you had legs and cant walk , this life is precious , dont always seems to know the value of what you have got till its gone , ask someone who has spent years in the hospital how he/she longs to have freedom from sickness , just say it THANKYOU LORD he doesnt ask for more than this , praise him , in exchange for all he has done for you ,be grateful he didnt ask for ur help while waking you up , he never sleeps , never slumbers, never get tired of loving you ,
When you are about to sleep , when you wake up morning , daytime , noontime just say it THANKYOU LORD , For me i say THANKYOU LORD at least for the opportunity to reachout to you , if i dont tell you maybe someone else will , and even now someone else might stil have to tell you , but i know you know it , you have to just say it THANKYOU LORD FOR YOU AND ME TOO


“Hey babe keep that guy” February 4, 2009

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Hey Babe have you ever really thought about what your ideal guy or relationship will be like? Do you think you will find love, and feel loved by a wonderful guy who cherishes you as his little angel? Do you want him to listen to you, make you feel attractive and beautiful, and constantly remind you of how stunning and sexy you are to him? Do you want to experience your dream of life-long romance and never-ending passion ,then one day get married and start a family. One of the things you need to know is that guys aren’t easy to understand and when you find a good guy, he doesn’t come with an “instruction manual” stating how to use. This situation is most dangerous when you meet a great guy and you don’t know how to catch or keep him .To be real great guys are hard to find and when you find one you can’t afford to loose him, because of your dumb mistakes. Many at times when there are issues between you and your guy, your girlfriends try to comfort and encourage you though they have good intentions trying to make you feel better, they’re also accidentally making the situation WORSE.

They are trying to blame the situation on him instead of trying to help you understand how to keep a great guy around.

In the quest for a lasting change or improvement in life one of the things u must do is to look for, meet, and learn from people who are already experts in that area that you are looking for change and growth in. Hey baby the world of love, dating and relationships is not an exception. At times u feel like wanting to know all about that guy in your life naturally. In fact, lots of babes can’t stand to admit that they don’t know everything there is to know about their guy and how too keep the guy of their dreams. But it’s when things stop going “according to plan” (like when the guy gets distant, scared or decides he isn’t ready for a commitment, or stops “feeling it” his babe ) that she realize that she’s not the expert she had hoped she was.

Baby If you’re serious about finding, keeping a lasting relationship , with ur true love, one of the single most important things you will ever do is to surround yourself with people who ALREADY KNOW how to get there, people who have seen and have dealt with all the problems you may run into or you’re running into.

I’m talking about people who have not only been through it themselves, and KNOW the exact steps to take in each CRITICAL situation, but people who have also spent years successfully teaching others how to have success and fulfillment in dating and relationships that most babes are looking for.

Because baby you need a guy that is fully committed to you , a guy who treats you special , gives you comfort and security, find him and keep him .