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"THANK YOU LORD" Just say it , February 23, 2009

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Everyday i relaise i have my life back the way i put it to rest the previous night ,my legs i can raise , the eyes i shut to take a rest are wide open , then i take a step, up i go! to start another day’s journey, hmmm what a miracle !!!!, am sure same applies to you , the only reason why u can read my write up is simply becuase you are alive , can you imagine even scientist are yet to create or event life , that manigficent power has not been given to anyone else but GOD , so wont you just say thank you , thats all you need to say for waking you up this morning ,even for nights that you think u wont make it to the next day ,and if u decide not to say thankyou it doesnt mean he will withold the free air he gave you to breathe and live , no …..he is not a wicked GOD , so why dont you just say it and mean it.
Upon all we do to mock and insult this great man , still he gives us the best gift , the GIFT OF LIFE , imagine if you had eyes and u cant see , you had legs and cant walk , this life is precious , dont always seems to know the value of what you have got till its gone , ask someone who has spent years in the hospital how he/she longs to have freedom from sickness , just say it THANKYOU LORD he doesnt ask for more than this , praise him , in exchange for all he has done for you ,be grateful he didnt ask for ur help while waking you up , he never sleeps , never slumbers, never get tired of loving you ,
When you are about to sleep , when you wake up morning , daytime , noontime just say it THANKYOU LORD , For me i say THANKYOU LORD at least for the opportunity to reachout to you , if i dont tell you maybe someone else will , and even now someone else might stil have to tell you , but i know you know it , you have to just say it THANKYOU LORD FOR YOU AND ME TOO


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