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Because my voice needs to be heard April 14, 2009

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hmm , I can say am feeling , in between good and the other at this time , what happened ?what could i have done better , i didnt like the fact that i am not updating my blog as often as i really want to , really its making me feel dry ,the more i write the better i become , inspiration comes from a lot of things, there are one thousand and one things that happens everyday that I can write a book from not to talk of updating my blog , anyway am Ok , and i titiled my wrtie up today because thats just the reason why i am writing today and what a pity am a little bit dissatisfied , earlier this morning , apart from my Bible i had read 2 other blogs of some people i know are good writers and whao! they blew my mind , and this shows that there are times when there is always the will but we have to make the way ,
At times i feel 24hrs is too short to accompanish all my numerous actiivities , buts thats a lie its is really enough at least to accomplish one if not all of it all , and this is the more reason some people start things and they dont finish , when some people finsih what they dont start at all , the more reason why we should try and achieve that which we set our hearts to do ,it may not be easy or funny, but we just need to try and see God has our helper , we need to get to a point where we should get tired of trying to figure things out ourselves , this is so tiresome , trying to see how we an achieve without putting God in the loop , and the more painful thing is that GOD said he can so anything and everything so why then do i try or strive to do things myself ,to trust GOD is something we have to learn and get accustomed with , with time , maybe because of the fact that we dont see GOD then we find it difficult to trust in him , whao …….. this happens to everyone , but what i use to console myself is that he lives in me , i cant see him but i can see the works of his hands , but really to trust GOD takes nuttin from us but adds plenty to us ,
Imagine I thought i wouldnt have to write much , anyway i feel better now because my voice has been heard , hope today brings you the best you have ever hoped and prayed for , i wish mine brings that , i really wish for a big transformation and i really wish speed could take me 3 steps ahead of now , whao what a wish that am not careful about because I want it , be the best
Nice Day


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