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Everything to me April 23, 2009

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I got to work today and the song I really wanted to listen to is so funny , anyway something I like about the song is the lyrics its says ” you better think wise , before you faulter be wise , hmmm to me it sounds strong , I think the song tells me alot about what am going through now , imagine I really dont want to stop updating my blog but am always too busy ,
things have been pretty Good , God is aligning me with my heart desires and destiny , its just that know trusting GOD takes a lot of time to master , there are times you want something and its seems it will never come , you have even imagined yourself using the thing or with something/someone you want , for me my imagination works very well , but there is this song I like so much “Everything” by Fred – Hammond
some part of the song says
My future and my history
My freedom and my liberty
My strength my joy
My life, my peace
Oh Lord You’re everything to me

When I felt lost and alone
You came and changed my story
On the pages of my life
You have revealed Your glory
Oh Lord You’re everything to me

I really like the part of the song that says “ON THE PAGES OF MY LIFE YOU HAVE REVEALED YOUR STORY , that is so powerful
God is all have got , my one ,my all ,my love ,my life
hope same applies to you make him your everything ,because you have got nuttin to loose



2 Responses to “Everything to me”

  1. funmi Says:

    hmmm , what u wanna say , thanks for dropping ur comment , cheers

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