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How on Earth May 7, 2009

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I went to the bank yesterday , and there was so much traffic , this because of fuel scarcity , it was so bad , it took me almost 1hr.30mins to get back to my office , which was too much compared to if there was no traffic , and there on the bike I was thinking, why ! oh why! this scarcity has been on for a while , it got resolved and now I dont know why there is scarctiy again ,
I looked up and wondered why is there so much strife in this part of the world ?, why is there so much struggle? why do we have to struggle to get everything , but not everone suffers , people get rich , verywell Good , some people become poor hmmm thats not good at all , there is so much strife going on in the world , each part of the world are faced with various issues , problems they have to deal with from time to time , if I ask this question from now to infinity I wouldnt get a clue nor even an answer ,some say the answers to all the questions in the world is in the Bible , well thats not a lie , to a reasonable extent the BIBLE been known as the word of GOD is true and answers a lot of questions but not questions like why is there sacrcity of fuel that we produce by ourselves ? or why did a guy become a gay ?
Anyway i wondered this way till late in the night when I closed from work , because the traffic was mega , meaning it was real standstill , Oh God where is the hope for a better life , where is the hope for a better society or country , where is the hope that things can only get better , why is it that though they say that it will get better and in the quest for making it better , we have to go back so backward to be able to move forward ,
And I concluded God has the answers to all the questions , we have really trusted ourselves so much than to lean on him , maybe he is fighting against us becasue we are not sentistive , but now we are talking of millions of indiviuals now created by one mnan , What a man ? What a God ? but you know what after all said and done , we live the life GOOD OR BAD and we all DIE .
I thought in my heart , that the irony of life is that we all owe death a debt that we have to pay someday , be ye who live in the best mansion in the world or white house or even in the slum , someday you will die , the good people die in a bad way , and the bad die in a bad way as well , this I think it’s unfair but who am I to question the answerer to all questions ?, why will a good person die in a motor accident or ,die of sickness, or some other type of death , anyway, I know God has his ways , I just pray he grants us a life of ease , to live with ease all the way till we go to meet him .



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi!!Nice piece, I feel you. I really agree with you that “God has the answers to all the questions”. Infact I for one have a list of questions that I’ve collated to ask Him when we get to heaven.Anyway if we want to try to understand why some things are the way they are especially in this part of the world, we might get a headache. I therefore pray that I’ll be where I’m supposed to be doing what I’m supposed to do at the time I’m supposed to be doing it and trust him for the ease to do it all….thanks again. Enjoy!! Dmingus

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