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JUST DOING ME June 23, 2009

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Hmm I thought I could really write everyday but , really have been reading instead of wrtiting , and while reading have been getting inspirations ,even a slight sound can get me inspired , have been learning as well , because if you want to do something well you have to learn from people who have done it perfectly , really have been busy or maybe , have been thinking , or rather have been tied up trying to build my passion , but I think my best is not good enough , really I can rate myself , and that is something everyone needs to do , tell yourself the truth about you , if you know you are doing well , give yourself a hug , pamper yourself , if you know you are doing otherwise retrace your steps , the painful thing is to know the truth and not do it , which is very possible , but one thing for sure is dont comdem yourself before God , dont go to God thinking he wont listen to you , probably because you have done something wrong and you know it, no one has a perfect life , you might be looking for it , but sure you CANNOT be perfect, so go to GOD like a child that you are , talk to him like your friend ,refrence him and draw him closer like a spouse .
OK yesterday was father’s day , and to all father’s and father’s to be , I pray you’ll find God’s light, And hold it in your hearts,God guide you with his grace to be a man that you are , a head/Leader that you should be , Its a Man’s world , hmmm ,did i just say that , but it revolves round we WOMEN …………

stay with me ………the voice needs to be heard


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