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My diva mentors July 29, 2009

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Just a click on the link a friend of mine posted to me on Monday has made a great impact in my life and it was Ellen DeGeneres show ,I didn’t know her before now,i couldn’t stop watching her shows, Ellen is so funny,she knows how to connect with people , she  is one of the most natural presenters of all time ,and the link took  me to another link Tyra Banks show  oh my! oh my Tyra is a super diva , so natural , I couldn’t stop watching her shows , I was watching both shows simultaneously

What struck me the most was when Tyra interviewed Janet Jackson , soft spoken Janet was asked series of questions, the most admirable thing about her was that she gave back tot the community , she and tyra  went to a high school in her home town to inspire the students and gave them gifts and scholarships ,Alica keys is also doing a child trust foundation , she brought a young boy with HIV from Rwanda , she helped the guy to achieve his dreams and blessed his life .Angelina Jolie too had thrown herself into so much charity work , I saw  her interview and she said she wants to adopt a child from every tribe .What a blessing ! these ladies are like voice to the world , I learnt that it is not enough to be on TV but what matters most is touching lives


Little did I  know that these stars are really giving back to the people , to their fans, Ellen gave an 8- year-old girl scholarship to the university of her dreams , these ladies have beautiful hearts ,and it got me thinking its not enough to be a star making so much money from people , but we need to bless life ,and I thought about some successfully stars we have in Nigeria , not to mention any I cant really think of any major impact or a consistent way they  have been touching lives

I think of these women and I think of myself , I see in them something I want to become, have been so inspired that if I can dream it , and conceive it then I can achieve it , I pray someday my dreams will come true  to touch people’s life to be someone who can help others achieve their dreams , and am trying to gather skills to achieve that.Trust God to make a way for me because I HAVE A WILL




Over now July 27, 2009

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The weekend has come and gone , it was not a bad one either , I just found out that all of a sudden my dreams are coming into reality , God is connecting me to people who are needful and helpful , though I wish for greater things but I thank God . Sunday was so refreshing I was in church and I enjoyed everybit of my time , I got home late in the night to Join my family and my sisters entertained me with Gists ,(lol) , .Am looking forward to having a beautiful week , I have so many hopes and aspirations , and I know my expectation wont be cut short  and I hope this week brings you joy and may your dreams come true .



Now this week is over July 24, 2009

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Whao !!! the weeks is over , I bless God  , it has been a busy week for 1me , I have been writing been trying to work on my proposed radio programme , at times discouragement sets in but have  been able to liev up to it , no going back have gone too far to turn back now , but I hope this weekend brings good tidings



Save the Best for Last July 23, 2009

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Some days ago, I  gave a cousin of mine a box of chocolates. She quickly gobbled up a few and kept her favorites one for later. I asked her why she had kept her favorite one and had the ones she did not particularly like? Her reply was I am saving the best for last.

I think I did exactly the same when I was young. In fact am confident that majority of us did the same, somewhere somehow in our psyche we have been programmed to save the best for last.

I’m not sure where this belief originated and whether it is the right thing to do or not? But it got me thinking&. Why do we save the best for last? What if that last was too late?


I remember a beautiful set of cups  in my house which always stayed neatly packed. I asked my mum, when we would use it? She said it was for a special occasion and that it was rather expensive, so we had to be extra careful with it.

Most of us keep waiting for a special moment when things will begin to feel special. We put happiness on hold in anticipation of a better tomorrow. We keep our best dresses  and our best china neatly wrapped in anticipation of a special moment. The special moment when I get that promotion, the special moment when I get engaged or married the special moment when!

Why? Why not make every moment special? According to Buddhist teaching, death is definite, but its time is uncertain. So why not rejoice the moment of life and stay prepared for the moment of death.

At the same time I do not wish to imply that we should live a nihilistic lifestyle with no regard or appreciation of the future. We all want to savor what we like for as long as we can, but we do not need to go through life waiting and wanting. In our waiting and wanting we forget to appreciate the moment and fail to realize that every moment is special and that every piece of chocolate has a distinct yet pleasurable taste.

So go get that beautiful dress out, lay the table with your best table cloth and decide to make every moment a special moment.

Next time someone offers you anything nice grab it with both hands and thank the person for the nice gesture. Start living in the now and revel in the abundance and not in fear and regret.


Movies and Reality July 21, 2009

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For some time now have been itching to go to the cinema to see a movie ,A friend of mine who I Thought  would accompany me didn’t show up during the weekend , so I said to myself Monday was it , so yesterday with the company of some of my colleagues we went to see a movie , It was THE PROPOSAL  , very nice movie there was no dull moment , I laughed from the beginning to the end , there were times I even screamed at some funny scenes ,Oh! I couldn’t wish for a better time to relax , really I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to doing it so many other times .


I got home later  to see a soap opera , this series has been on now for sometime ,we get to see  these  Mexican soaps from time to time , and believe me they keep us glued to our TVs all the time, now it was getting to the point where betrayal was just all over , husband betraying wife because of her predicament , it really got to me and got me  thinking , what if this was really , I mean reality , we have seen movies about love , betrayal this and that , but really do they look too good to be true? , I threw up this same discussion with some of my friends and one of them said something that struck me, He said what we see in movies could be true but in the reality we shouldn’t forget that we are human beings and if anyone finds him or herself in any funny situation you can NEVER predict what he / she can do, we have brains and we could be spontaneous, no one knows the mind of man and the next action man will take.

For instance you can’t know how far you will run if there happen to be a bomb blast very close to you , or rather if you were suddenly attacked by robbers .Oh yes we see movies and we learn from them I really give it to Hollywood , they are still the best so far , Bollywood is not doing badly their stories now cut across a lot of issues in life unlike the normal, emotional Love stories the likes of Slumdog millionaire is a good example .But what if some of these stories were real ? will human reactions be the same as the movies paint it to be ? What would you do if your pretty wife/husband, adorable loose her womb and got paralyzed on your wedding day some hours after you say I do ?

Anyone wants to share your views please drop comments,

On this rainy day I will get back to living and accomplish the things I set out to do

Bless you


My Manyself July 20, 2009

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Wow! What to say. I had such an emotionally draining day yesterday. Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you literally have to stop and exhale so as not to get caught up in the madness. That’s what happened to me. So many things came once that I literally had to take a moment  to  be on my own .It was such an emotional release and I felt so much better after. I had let go of all my worries and was now in a place to tackle one thing at a time. I accepted that no matter how I felt, my situation was not going to change without action on my part. The past year has seen my life take a huge change. My finances not so bad and my job situation are tenuous at best. School seems to be never ending, and my personal life going through re-construction.

I was spreading myself too thin trying to address everything at once. After my momentary breakdown, (yes, I call it that) I took the time to sit down and work my way through my situations. I addressed them one at a time. I have decided that moving forward I would live on a cash only basis. The finance charges are killing me. Next,  my job. I can only do what I can which is as my job requires. Everything else is in my control. I am working on my business proposal with my sisters , as well as my own plan, so it is a matter of focusing on getting those up and running. School is off great priority priority. Getting the MBA  is a must .  Then I wait for approval.


In the interim I can work on myself. Even writing this down is proving cathartic. We all need an outlet and writing is it for me. Find your outlet, and receive your blessings. Stay blessed.


I LOVE me July 16, 2009

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