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Be all you can be July 2, 2009

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The power of life and death is in the hands of God almighty ,this am very sure of because of recent happenings ,
Its so sad Michaeal Jackson is dead , he gave his all to his music , he had so much fan , there is no kid on the surface of a civilized country who didnt know MJ , I had this firend who loved him so much and always wanted to meet him ,despite all odds ,MJ was still loved by almost but not all ,he was a Musician , A father , A philantropist , A friend , A lover ,the list is endless ,But I took a keen interest in him after his death,I liked his songs so much,but not until his death i didnt take so much time to study his history ,from his childhood to adulthood till his death ,

As I was studying , I found out that ,he had so much ordeal while he was growing up that was of great detriment to his future , my search made me understand that the MJ is very shy and timid ,his father used to beat him when he was a little boy , he abused him and told him he had a big nose , he father molested ladies , and his brothers did this also , but all through this MJ didnt get involved , I blame his parents a lot for his death , I may not be 100% correct but I feel so much pity for MJ even now that he is dead , people are saying so much , stories here and there , some blame him for changing his skin colour not knowing he used to have a disease called UNIVERSAL VITILIGO , his love for children made people milk money from him claiming that he molested little boys , though he wasnt shown so much love when he was a kid , all these affected him phycologically , if his parents and his siblings will rethink ,they ddidnt manage the star/Talent in him very well , they themselves had so much ISSUES ,he grew up not even liking ladies after seeing all the father and brothers have done , he withdraw from the world after he had been bastardised by their stories ,he didnt have true friends , real friends ,he lived his life alone only with the help of maids and servant , but in the midst of all the crises going on within the POP star , any new song he released had a super message to pass across , nice lyrics ,videos that will sweep you off your feet , he did all he can for his music and people , but he got so little from the world ,he lived so much inbalance life , he had so MUCH OF MUSIC and VERY LTTILE OF a fullfilled LIFE ,

Whose friend , wife ,husband, sister , brother , daughter , son , cousin ,acquintant are you today , are they giving you so much while you are giving less of a little ?
On one hand, we must not be harsh and hard. But on the other hand, we must not be weak and excessively soft. We must not be irritable and impatient, flying off the handle and acting out of emotion.We must not be so mild mannered that we become doormats and whipping posts for those who will take advantage of us if we give them a chance. There is a time to be patient and forbearing, and there is a time to be firm and decisive. There is a time to “be not angry,” and there is a time to display righteous indignation. It is wisdom to know when to do which.but above all BE ALL YOU CAN BE ,
Rest in Peace MJ


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