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When you want it bad July 9, 2009

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Yesterday was the 8th day in the month of July , Something happened and I felt bad , I was unhappy , I slept crying , I woke up still unhappy and I cried , seriously surfing my phone thinking of someone to talk to , but I decided to write my thoughtsfunmi out instead .I know I will feel good

But why am I feeling this way ? there was mixed feelings , One part of me was saying God can and he will because he can do it , this part of me was trying to trust God , but the other part was so downcast and asking why? how ? when ? which is really not good .Imagine I was feeling this way because I wanted something and I didn’t get it

So what happens when you want something bad and you don’t get it?for me desperation is not an option , doubt is certainly not supposed to be an option but it sets in from time to time , I try to stay positive , Hopeful , expectant and believing , I guess the most silent times in our lives is the waiting period , that is how God checkmates we human beings , when we know we have to wait till he says or does something.Then you are stuck with God ooopps!!!but his also explain why people do different things to get what they want like prostitution,robbery and the host of others , a lot of things is going on in our world today because people just need to get what they want badly , so they opt for so many options , people cant just wait ,some don’t even believe in doing it right to get it , instead they want the short and easiest way to it .

You see different things that seems like it,but its not it ,its not just it , you get turned down, runned down ,pressed,your hopes are rising , being built up , but all of a sudden,something happens and it all goes down like the tower of babel , you get confused like they did right there in babel.You are stuck with mixed feelings and it takes just you and you alone to have the faith to move on and go on , because weeping may endure , its just for a night but Joy comes in the morning , after the rain they say comes the sunshine and after the sunshine comes the rainbow , the rainbow has many colours ,so many colourful options, you look up and see the beauty of waiting for the rain to go down because the sun is going to shine if you hold out

So what happens when you want something so bad ?comments and suggestions needed




2 Responses to “When you want it bad”

  1. Wale Smatt Says:

    Well, when you want something so bad and you didn’t get it, I’ve learned that God might just not want it for you at that material time. It takes real understanding of God’s purpose and plans for us to accept that there is always a message in every mess.

    So whenever I didn’t get what I want, I thank God, because it just might not be meant for me.

  2. charmingff Says:

    Thanks wale , well said and noted , so you share my views as well , anyway you can invite your friends to subscribe to my Blog , i need the audience .ttyl

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