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Automated (thiefry) Machine ………………ATM July 14, 2009

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Am so sorry I have to borrow that middle word THIEFRY , I don’t know if it really suits , but that’s what came to my mind ,I guess its a Pidgin word .Its no news again the scam that has been going on , people loosing their money via ATM machines ,atm-machine

My sister narrated the experience of her boss with a well known bank and about  N350,000 was withdrawn via the ATM machine , her boss couldn’t believe his eyes , he almost freaked out , he went to the bank made complains , he was asked to get a police report , “this and that “but still the money didn’t come out , he got so infuriated someday and went to the bank manager to fight , he couldn’t take it anymore , not funny

BANG!!! he entered the bank managers office and before he could say JACK ! he met someone who had a worse case than his , who had come to scatter the manager’s office , this person had lost over N970,000 naira via the ATM , goosh!!! that’s some cool money , and not even in this time of recession where every kobo counts.

this is so ridiculous and its getting tougher everyday , same ATM intended for people to get quick cash as turned to THIEFRY MACHINE , same white men who invented pencil , invented Eraser , there has to be a way out of these , and the most annoying thing is the banks are less concerned , and who knows if these culprits are not the bankers themselves , something is just wrong somewhere,  in the case of technology and I know the solution is not far fetched ,its something the IT professionals can place their hands on , Oh! this must stop , it must/wont not happen  to me or YOU .And no one should even blame it on the economy , bad economy is not a 101% reason to steal, not at all , so much effort put into stealing or duplicating the ATM cards can be put into doing something sincere that they can make money from .Security is very vital now , you need more than 2 eyes to watchover yourself and your properties  We need to love ourselves and stop making life so unbearable for one another, how can we stop this mess?

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3 Responses to “Automated (thiefry) Machine ………………ATM”

  1. JesusFreak Says:

    Wow..Na so we dey see am o. I have lost money on ATM machines to. Definitely, there are some things wrong. Sometimes on the part of the banks and sometimes on the part of ATM thieves. I better build me own bank…lo. Well i don’t need a structure for that. Anyways, if ATM messes up i pray online online banking don’t mess up o.

  2. Basamta Says:

    do u want to know why most of course are crazy about you??? its not because you are pretty-which you undeniably are, its more cos, along with your beauty, you’ve got BRAINS!
    Tyt piece here!
    keep it up o. dont u ever be discouraged
    we are getting there together

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks lanre u r simply the best , what more can i wish for in a friend , Bless you ,u sure are a Real Deal too

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