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M.J forever in our hearts July 15, 2009

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MJthrillerits been 3 week or more that the king of Pop M.J left us all in shock , I got the news shortly after he died and I wasnt too sad , On getting to work that faithful day , the news was all over , so its real M.J is dead , my friend who sent me a text from America said ” its a sad day for america ” well I still didnt feel too emotional about it , until the next day i got chatting with a friend and we got talking about MJ , he ddint seem to be bothered because he felt he denied NEGROES by chaning the colour of his skin , I didnt agree with this , though a little part of me wanted to believe , not until I was about logging into my Yahoo to check my email , something caught my attention , M.J’s last interview with Oprah, I took an interest in it and I listened to the soft spoken MJ he spoke about his skin disease LIVE , issues he had with the media , I couldnt help but read about his skin disease and a documentary on how the skin changed , i marvelled though the bleaching was not the ultimate/best resolution to the skin disease but what baffled me was that , people over looked and kept on saying so many bad things about him , well i agree you can blame him for fixing his nose a couple of times .

I couldnt but meticoulously read up everything about M.J his life , his personality , his myseries , his love for his children that is seconded to none ,about the child molestation which was a Foul play , about him trying to at least sleep witht he aid of drugs , his possesions , his feeding habit ,this GUY is marvelous,people need to get near to know how wonderful people can be , news and images dont say it all .I just couldnt stop reading and following up on his story , my colleagues resolved to calling me Funmi Jackson ,
I have come to love and appreciate MJ the more after his death , though i have a couple of his albums , have danced to them in the past , my best is still Human nature , even Janet sang , that you dont always seems to know what you’ve got till its gone ,
All said and done , very beautiful memorial service , well attended by people who cared and didnt care much, when he was alive and stars who deserted him when he had issues .

Mj couldnt just let go of his past ordeals, some people had worse and they have become the best in their world Oprah , Joyce Meyer and the host of others ,your past should not determine your future , so stop holding on to it , let it go and LET GOD
Secondly its no news he had a very strict father whom I found out got married at a very early age of 20-21 and had all his kids between the age of 20-35, this means he grew up being a father , so he didnt have so much experience , then he kept messing up at the expence of his children and his wife , anyway if you are not matured enough dont get married , its an unending institution but its not for boys and girls , also we must be able to manage our kids and their talent , so that in future we wont have ourselves to blame, and what ever M.J father has done , he needed to forgive him , moreover nobody is reponsible for your happiness , you are the only one who can make yourself happy
Thirdly irrespective of what people said he seemed not too bothered to the world,  but he was dying inside of him and he was not surrounded by positive people , get a life , surround yourself with people who can affect your life positvely , people who genuinely love and care for you and can correct you when you go wrong , be willing to listen and take corrections , no one is perfect
Forthly he had set an unbeatable record of charity work , so much of his money went into charity despite his debts .he loved and cared for people he didnt know ,there is that soft spot inside of him for the children the needy , and the entire human race , what are we doing with the finances God has blessed us with , are we helping people ?are we making someone smile today ?, giving them the opportunity to live?
Mj had this talent and you cant just beat it , the song lyrics , the dance ,his imagination is inexplicable ,We live for the moments when we find ourselves alive, awake, and fulfilling a purpose. But those moments have become special because they are exceptions to our normally sleepy lives. God is great .
Nevertheless remember that the dreams of your future has no room for the devastation of your past here comes a point in your life when you realize:

Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won’t anymore…
And who always will.
So, don’t worry about people from your past,
there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.
When you refuse to love people because they’re hard to love, you forget the fact that God always loves you, Don’t just pretend that you love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of the good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

RIP M.J you just a lesson to everyone and still a lesson yet untaught , I just hope your children will carry on with the legacy you have left .Adieu



2 Responses to “M.J forever in our hearts”

  1. ibinike Says:

    I agree with you that MJ was greatly misunderstood. I also read meticoulously all the write-ups bout him and i felt sorry for the guy. i wasn’t a keen fan of his music but one cannot deny that he made a great and lasting impact on the world. I hope he has found the peace that eluded him while on earth.

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