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I LOVE me July 16, 2009

Filed under: Me — charmingff @ 8:37 am

I like myself and I dont know about you , and why am I liking myself so much , simply because if I dont like myself I wont be able to show love as much as I can to other people , my opinion is not actually 100% correct , well I really dont know .
After some recent happenings in my life , I sat down to reminence, I have had relationships and so many other things that has affected me both postively and negatively .I have come to accept the fact that am the only person I cannot get away from . I cant run away from myself , and even if someone shows you so much Joy ,If you dont feel Good about yourself it would be difficult to accept the affection ,and it would be very obvious that you happiness is dependent on that person .No one can determine your happiness , its nobody’s responsibility .
I feel good about myself most of the time and this is not borne out of selfishness or pride or me so full of myself , I have had my own fair share of love and he likes and I had to learn to accept myself anf take care of myself , because this is going to tell a lot when I eventually get hooked (lol), there are times I pamper myself , take myself out , eat good food , add some value , learn new things ,I ventured into a little bit of modelling which i didnt think I could do before now , I buy myself new things all the time especially when I can wisely afford it . I am not vain , but am Just preparing myself for the future .Moreover my updating myself is born out of LOVE , something in me that wants to reach out to the world ,
I feel your obligation to yourself whether you are in love with someone or not is to take very good care of yourself and love yourself for who you are , God wants you to love yourself, not in some wrong selfish or prideful way, but in a healthy way that truly understands how special you are to Him. As you begin to see yourself as God sees you, then not only will you love yourself, but you will have the confidence and faith to be a powerful force for good in the world.


7 Responses to “I LOVE me”

  1. Great message about loving ourselves first. We need to be able to do that before we can share our love with others. A lot of us need to stop WAITING for others to love us first.

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    I too love myself o…Funny enough, i love others pass myself

  3. charmingff Says:

    u funny

  4. David Says:

    Yes, true “Got to love, take care of, improve, add value to,be happy with myself. Then I can be in the best form to do to others. God was LOVE before he could So LOVE the world.

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