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My Manyself July 20, 2009

Filed under: Me — charmingff @ 1:59 pm

Wow! What to say. I had such an emotionally draining day yesterday. Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you literally have to stop and exhale so as not to get caught up in the madness. That’s what happened to me. So many things came once that I literally had to take a moment  to  be on my own .It was such an emotional release and I felt so much better after. I had let go of all my worries and was now in a place to tackle one thing at a time. I accepted that no matter how I felt, my situation was not going to change without action on my part. The past year has seen my life take a huge change. My finances not so bad and my job situation are tenuous at best. School seems to be never ending, and my personal life going through re-construction.

I was spreading myself too thin trying to address everything at once. After my momentary breakdown, (yes, I call it that) I took the time to sit down and work my way through my situations. I addressed them one at a time. I have decided that moving forward I would live on a cash only basis. The finance charges are killing me. Next,  my job. I can only do what I can which is as my job requires. Everything else is in my control. I am working on my business proposal with my sisters , as well as my own plan, so it is a matter of focusing on getting those up and running. School is off great priority priority. Getting the MBA  is a must .  Then I wait for approval.


In the interim I can work on myself. Even writing this down is proving cathartic. We all need an outlet and writing is it for me. Find your outlet, and receive your blessings. Stay blessed.


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