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Movies and Reality July 21, 2009

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For some time now have been itching to go to the cinema to see a movie ,A friend of mine who I Thought  would accompany me didn’t show up during the weekend , so I said to myself Monday was it , so yesterday with the company of some of my colleagues we went to see a movie , It was THE PROPOSAL  , very nice movie there was no dull moment , I laughed from the beginning to the end , there were times I even screamed at some funny scenes ,Oh! I couldn’t wish for a better time to relax , really I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to doing it so many other times .


I got home later  to see a soap opera , this series has been on now for sometime ,we get to see  these  Mexican soaps from time to time , and believe me they keep us glued to our TVs all the time, now it was getting to the point where betrayal was just all over , husband betraying wife because of her predicament , it really got to me and got me  thinking , what if this was really , I mean reality , we have seen movies about love , betrayal this and that , but really do they look too good to be true? , I threw up this same discussion with some of my friends and one of them said something that struck me, He said what we see in movies could be true but in the reality we shouldn’t forget that we are human beings and if anyone finds him or herself in any funny situation you can NEVER predict what he / she can do, we have brains and we could be spontaneous, no one knows the mind of man and the next action man will take.

For instance you can’t know how far you will run if there happen to be a bomb blast very close to you , or rather if you were suddenly attacked by robbers .Oh yes we see movies and we learn from them I really give it to Hollywood , they are still the best so far , Bollywood is not doing badly their stories now cut across a lot of issues in life unlike the normal, emotional Love stories the likes of Slumdog millionaire is a good example .But what if some of these stories were real ? will human reactions be the same as the movies paint it to be ? What would you do if your pretty wife/husband, adorable loose her womb and got paralyzed on your wedding day some hours after you say I do ?

Anyone wants to share your views please drop comments,

On this rainy day I will get back to living and accomplish the things I set out to do

Bless you


3 Responses to “Movies and Reality”

  1. JesusFreak Says:

    Movies are just a drama of real life events…Most especially the non-fiction movies.

    I learn a lot from true live story movies. I can list them on and on starting from the most recent – Yes Man, Slumdog Millionaire et all

  2. The Billionaire Says:

    Every action taken by man is dependent on his reality of life. You will see a man that could marry a crippled woman and vice versa just because of his reality of life less of staying with a man or woman that got crippled or lost her womb after marriage.

    Your reality determine your decisions, your decisions determine your life. Does that make sense?

  3. Wale Smatt Says:

    Movies!!! The Proposal! Saw the preview and hoping to go see it soonest.

    I have learnt that nothing is new under the sun as the Bible postulated. Movie ideas are most times reflections of reality and in other cases experiences of others. I think they are real experiences carved into celluloid make-belief.

    Betrayals, disappointments and appointments are all part of life. Laughter, tears, etc are also condiments that makes life what it is…a mystery. Our reactions and responses to events, though highly unpredictable, but yet can be controlled significantly. A Yoruba adage says “won o ki n ko eniya ni ika”, meaning people are not thought how to be wicked. This implies that we are all born with the seed of wickedness, the level of its growth and manifestation depends of the amount of Christ that is in us. The more the Christ in us, the less the evil.

    Life…is a continuous movie. Wonder why we go to the movies when we have real movies to watch around us everyday!! Just kidding.

    It is good to take t

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