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Save the Best for Last July 23, 2009

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Some days ago, I  gave a cousin of mine a box of chocolates. She quickly gobbled up a few and kept her favorites one for later. I asked her why she had kept her favorite one and had the ones she did not particularly like? Her reply was I am saving the best for last.

I think I did exactly the same when I was young. In fact am confident that majority of us did the same, somewhere somehow in our psyche we have been programmed to save the best for last.

I’m not sure where this belief originated and whether it is the right thing to do or not? But it got me thinking&. Why do we save the best for last? What if that last was too late?


I remember a beautiful set of cups  in my house which always stayed neatly packed. I asked my mum, when we would use it? She said it was for a special occasion and that it was rather expensive, so we had to be extra careful with it.

Most of us keep waiting for a special moment when things will begin to feel special. We put happiness on hold in anticipation of a better tomorrow. We keep our best dresses  and our best china neatly wrapped in anticipation of a special moment. The special moment when I get that promotion, the special moment when I get engaged or married the special moment when!

Why? Why not make every moment special? According to Buddhist teaching, death is definite, but its time is uncertain. So why not rejoice the moment of life and stay prepared for the moment of death.

At the same time I do not wish to imply that we should live a nihilistic lifestyle with no regard or appreciation of the future. We all want to savor what we like for as long as we can, but we do not need to go through life waiting and wanting. In our waiting and wanting we forget to appreciate the moment and fail to realize that every moment is special and that every piece of chocolate has a distinct yet pleasurable taste.

So go get that beautiful dress out, lay the table with your best table cloth and decide to make every moment a special moment.

Next time someone offers you anything nice grab it with both hands and thank the person for the nice gesture. Start living in the now and revel in the abundance and not in fear and regret.


2 Responses to “Save the Best for Last”

  1. The Billionaire Says:

    Funmi, I admire your intelligence. What a great piece

  2. charmingff Says:


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