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My diva mentors July 29, 2009

Filed under: Life — charmingff @ 12:27 pm

Just a click on the link a friend of mine posted to me on Monday has made a great impact in my life and it was Ellen DeGeneres show ,I didn’t know her before now,i couldn’t stop watching her shows, Ellen is so funny,she knows how to connect with people , she  is one of the most natural presenters of all time ,and the link took  me to another link Tyra Banks show  oh my! oh my Tyra is a super diva , so natural , I couldn’t stop watching her shows , I was watching both shows simultaneously

What struck me the most was when Tyra interviewed Janet Jackson , soft spoken Janet was asked series of questions, the most admirable thing about her was that she gave back tot the community , she and tyra  went to a high school in her home town to inspire the students and gave them gifts and scholarships ,Alica keys is also doing a child trust foundation , she brought a young boy with HIV from Rwanda , she helped the guy to achieve his dreams and blessed his life .Angelina Jolie too had thrown herself into so much charity work , I saw  her interview and she said she wants to adopt a child from every tribe .What a blessing ! these ladies are like voice to the world , I learnt that it is not enough to be on TV but what matters most is touching lives


Little did I  know that these stars are really giving back to the people , to their fans, Ellen gave an 8- year-old girl scholarship to the university of her dreams , these ladies have beautiful hearts ,and it got me thinking its not enough to be a star making so much money from people , but we need to bless life ,and I thought about some successfully stars we have in Nigeria , not to mention any I cant really think of any major impact or a consistent way they  have been touching lives

I think of these women and I think of myself , I see in them something I want to become, have been so inspired that if I can dream it , and conceive it then I can achieve it , I pray someday my dreams will come true  to touch people’s life to be someone who can help others achieve their dreams , and am trying to gather skills to achieve that.Trust God to make a way for me because I HAVE A WILL




5 Responses to “My diva mentors”

  1. JesusFreak Says:

    That’s one of the reason why i love them but i’m more into Ellen. She is an angel.

  2. yeah rite, i love ellen despite all odds , been a lesbian or wateva she is a great woman

  3. Extenze Says:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  4. justdoyin Says:

    U r right…it’s not just about the fame or wealth we acquire at the end of the day…it’s more about how many lives we were able to affect positively…

    may God help us all to use whatever He’s given us to reach out and lend a helping hand to others…

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