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C-caution August 27, 2009

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This week I was talking about what lies ahead in the future, the subject of personal finance came up in the discussion.Now in this time of crisis and reduced personal spending and increased debt, it is a very important subject matter. Now I do not have a perfect spending, criteria.

Some of us generally acquire things that we don’t really need, and with the advent of aso – ebi, friends getting married and you need to buy the uniforms, I feel it’s something that is not compulsory, moreover you can buy everything, and I tell you, if you don’t have a low self esteem you can’t feel left out if you don’t put on the party uniform(aso-ebi)  , I believe this is the time to save more , you never know when you might really be in need of money , you have to save for the rainy days

We don’t need to overrule sensibilities? My position is you should never lose focus of your self-interest, but rather you need to spend wisely. Do not go out and incur debt on the other person’s behalf. Keep focus on your financial stability. DO not blend finances. That is asking for trouble.

 I am getting a little worked up talking about this issue because I believe folks who have their stuff together are fair game for those who do not. The goal is to pay attention to what is happening, and protect yourself, emotionally and mentally. .

Be careful, sisters, and protect yourself from debts and  credit and your identity. Be careful who you let into your life so you don’t keep friends who just want you to buy more and save less.

Stay blessed.


there is nothing wrong with you(singles) August 24, 2009

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This weekend was beautiful , it was really cool behind the mic and I am getting better , had a serious chat with my producer and am beinging to get new ideas , I rested well , I also helped  to take care of a friend’s wife , she was a bit ill, pregnant and confined to bed rest, it was fun all the way .

Talking about this new pregnant friend , I willingly agreed to take care of her and stay by her during the weekend , and I had not met her before then , I treated her like I would treat myself , I encouraged her so much and  she really prayed for me , her husband was really touched by my act of kindness , But one thought came to my mind , When would I get pregnant  or even get married (I laughed out loudly but a bit confused ) 

pregnant babe

 I remember the  day before my birthday this year I was writing my MBA exams and I had moved to the post-graduate hall . No parties planned, no dinner to go to, I turned down every invite . Just a quiet evening   and I didn’t mind .Some  friends have invited me out to party, but I am not in that space. The party scene becomes less important to some people as they get older. I value my quiet space

Then What’s wrong with being single?  Don’t get me wrong, being in a loving relationship has its benefits, no doubt about it. Someone to talk to, someone to rub your sore shoulders after a hard day’s work, someone to do things with, someone to keep you warm at night, someone to make you feel special, and someone to whisper “sweet nothings” in your ear. Also, being in a relationship means not having to worry about playing the dating game.

Is there anything wrong with being in a relationship? Of course not. A relationship can be wonderful if both people are in touch with who they and their partners are and are okay with being alone. It’s great if both people share honestly with each other unfortunately, few relationships share all of these points and sometimes leaves one party dissatisfied. This is when you have to ask, so what about being single?

                                                                              single lady  

Many people view single ladies  as being out of control, and that they’re  single because someone left them down or doesn’t want them. some even tag some spiritual reasons to it .And when you show at at the next wedding the question you are asked is when is yours ?Being single can be a life-saving, rejuvenating experience. In fact, one can’ttruly be successful in a relationship without being single for a time. Being single allows you to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want without having to answer to anyone.I hope I don’t sound too vain but its the truthaffectionate relationships

Being single allows you to take full responsibility for paying your  bills, cleaning and decorating, planning your activities, and entertaining yourself.aingle lady

 “You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in a life is the relationship with yourself. couple


Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose.remember you are still single because GOD wants you to affect your present situation ” How true! Love yourself  till love finds you , until you find love , and stay blessed!


Something Good and +VE Everyday August 18, 2009

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Its better not to be too caught up in the issues of life , I have not stopped listening to Joyce Meyers “cool , calm and collected” and  the patience series , I also got this book Reduce me to love , my mind needs a refill all the time , its a terrible thing to waste ,I didn’t do to well behind the mic this Saturday my producer was not too impressed, I know it can only get better , I don’t need to be negative and critical and make anything pull  me down , am willing to do whatever it takes to make myself a better person .

But one thing I notice is because of some occurrence from Friday to  Saturday my moral was kinda low , I didn’t want to do anything too serious like update my blog and prepare well for my  programme , I couldn’t make  my normal routine call to my group members , I was a bit down emotionally , but I didn’t  want to have a negative attitude or have a negative conversation , no one with a bad attitude enjoys life , its not our circumstances that makes us to unhappy it is our attitude towards our circumstances , worry , frustration , being upset is all waste of time ,I have looked back at all the days have worried and try to figure things out,   become upset , I realize it was just a waste of time and life and made  myself miserable accomplishing nothing , but I would have enjoyed my life if  I have chosen to do so , but choosing to have a positive attitude and positive conversation will release PEACE .

Who knows where we’ll be if we had been totally positive ,we have to try not to be negative , we have to try to be positive , we fight a lot of battles in life,  sometimes our whole day can go sour just because of the way we begin our morning , why do our thought always go to the problem , its because we still have deep roots in our fears and we don’t turn to GOD to come through for us , we can choose our attitude , we can choose our thought,  choose not to get angry , choose to cry , choose to be positive , every morning when I wake up I listen to a sermon I saved on my phone by Joyce Meyer titled “Confident Expectation”and I repeat everyday “Something Good is going to happen to me today “,

We need to make up our mind on our approach to life , no one is responsible for our  happiness, negative thinking limits our  potentials ,we have to be responsible for our behaviour  and actions , its even Godly to be responsible, if we avoid our responsibilities to ourselves everything in life goes haywire.I SEE YOU HAVE PEACE , JOY , HAPPINESS,  I SEE THE +VE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE,

Love you always



what you say + what you do +what you are =C…….r August 14, 2009

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I didn’t want to write today because my heart is so heavy , but obviously I will feel lighter when I let it out ,have learn t to be patient over time , and its  because if you are aiming at something /target , there is need for a waiting period , but at what point do you get to your saturation point , At what point do you think you cant take it no more ,People who deceive other people are likewise deceiving themselves , it will take you to first fool yourself before you fool another person .Someone try to play a fast one on me with my money and  I said  to ME , it might be his way of doing things …………………………..


Character is very important , its God’s priority and its not reputation , we need to build our character , its a different ball game in the world not because character protects our gifts(charisma) and our gifts are not as important as our character , reputation is what people think about us but character is what we know about ourselves on the inside and in private  and that is why it is called integrity(what you say , do and are )3 in 1 . greatness can be lost in a twinkle of an eye if the character is not right , if i have a choice between Samson and Joseph I will choose Joseph, they where both tempted the same way but Samson fell and Joseph did not , Samson had strenght Joseph had character . We could get destroyed by what we like the most ,

Sex ,Money , Power , and the host of others have made people lost their character ,though I know we are human and not to Judge anyone , and that’s  why am referring to US meaning ME inclusive , we need to protect our character , am guiding mine Jealously I don’t want to falter because you don’t know what the next mistake might cost you , I have made so many  mistakes  in the past that I have counted my losses , and have picked up my baton to move on and do things right , we must strife to make both our public live and private live ONE , if only BILL CLINTON knew what MONICA’S case cost him , he would have done better , a leader is the same all the time. What we do when no one is watching is what we really are .character protects our talent , its our inherit abilities , submission to discipline and principles .

theif 2

Who knows tomorrow? , we don’t know where we will be or end up in life ,here we are in a life we don’t own , because GOD is watching us , imagine you relate to men/women you don’t know , we will go through a lot of test in life,we have to develop our character through steady trials and tough times ,  can we be trusted by people or GOD  , we should not strife to be powerful , we should strife to protect our lives by protecting our character .God wont bring some of us out as leaders and as better people until he is satisfied with our character , character protects power and Vision . May God work around us and beat out those  things we don’t need .Our stories will not be cut short .

May we live a life of character

love you still



The 6th Sense August 13, 2009

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I thought this 6th sense will have to wait till its  of  popular demand , I had a chat with a friend and I got loads of wrong guesses as to what the 6th sense is, Its a good morning  and I feel beautiful from the inside out , though things have been a bit rough ,one virtue am learning and doing is Patience ,I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I slept alone and I woke up alone and I still cant phantom the logic behind this except for Psalm3 vrs 5 .And I thought

  • What if, God stopped loving and caring for us?
  • What if God decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn’t follow Him today?
  • What  if, God would not hear us today because we would  not listen to Him?
  • What if, God met our needs the way we give Him  our lives???
  • What if God couldn’t take the time to bless us today because  we couldn’t take the time to thank Him yesterday?

And it was What if ? What if ? till I fell asleep again to wake up this morning and here I am sharing with you the 6TH and  uncommon sense which is the sense of PRAISING

praise 2

The dictionary says praise originally meant to set a price on or appraise. The dictionary gives meanings of: to commend the worth of; express approval or admiration of, to laud the glory of (God, etc.), as in song; glorify; extol.Praise is a natural response to God which happens as a result of knowing God. The Bible is filled with references to praising God. Praise must be expressed with words. Worship can be expressed by words or actions.

Who do we praise ? because let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Why do we praise ? Because God deserves praise

From the very dawn of time, the experience of mankind in their relationship with God has been one of thanksgiving. The creation of the world and mankind was an act of love and self-giving from God which was conditional on one thing alone – that man thankfully return that love. God gave us life and love and in return, we chose death and thanklessness. He, however, refused to give up. Despite our selfish desire to live as if God did not exist, He kept returning to us again and again, as a jilted lover to His beloved.here are many things for which we should give thanks. We live in a great land, we have the freedom to say and do what  we wish,We have many THINGS indeed.Let’s celebrate each Day giving PRAISE for what is proper and remember that it does not end there, but continues forever. Those who are alive  are the ones Praising and thanking Him. Those who are dead are not interested in PRAISE and thanks.

praise 1

The strange thing about all of this is that we are walking, talking, breathing, and existing, and yet, some of us are already dead. So today,  pause for a special moment of thanks, I’m realizing how much of my prayer life focuses on things that concern me, directly or indirectly. Not every prayer request or praise is made for my benefit, but they tend to be requests and praises for things that are factors in my own life—health, weather, forgiveness, family matters, world issues that concern me.it is certainly good to praise God for the ways he acts in our lives—but how easy it is to unconsciously restrict our praise to the attributes that appeal to us or impact us in some way!

God has wired us to respond with praise to things that amaze and overwhelm us and that is why I term it the 6TH and UNCOMMON SENSE If that joyful feeling is absent from our  lives, I suggest we spend  time in quiet contemplation of God’s attributes—and not just the ones that benefit us personally!

  • if you don’t Praise God for being a Nigerian maybe you will praise him when you are an Eskimo
  • if you don’t praise God for your other 5 senses maybe you will  praise him when you have a down syndrome
  • if you don’t praise him in the morning when you wake up maybe you will praise him in the night when you have an accident and your leg is to be amputated
  • if you don’t praise him in the day maybe you will praise him when you cant see the night

sometimes we never feel the essence of life, sometimes we never feel somethings can happen to us, sometimes we just live life without a thought of where we started and where we would end, sometimes we just never face the truth sometimes…………we just wont PRAISE God for Then to see  NOW,  and for a then to be here for you will there

let  this 6th and uncommon sense flow through your veins like your blood , I know its not easy , life is full of ups and downs , melt and crashed down economy , but remember you are pressed but not crushed , you are persecuted but not abandoned , stormed down but not destroyed, when everything else fails , when all the 5 senses refuse to work remember apply the 6Th and uncommon sense PRAISE !!!

do you agree/disagree  that the act of PRAISING is the 6th and uncommon sense, drop your comments ………

Ain’t a brag

love you still



The sixth and uncommon Sense August 10, 2009

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I feel very funny this morning  I guess I had mosquito bites over the weekend , but the weekend was quite interesting and nice , behind the mic on Saturday Eko 89.75fm , I had such a nice time  , I accessed myself I think am getting better , if you want something different in life “get yourself a self” , Sunday was energy draining and refreshing ministered for 4 services ,went for a party later and my home fellowship .And something came to my mind which I think I  needed to share ………Senses the physiological methods of perception.

5 senceswhen I was young science made me understand that we have 5 senses , but I realised now that  we live beyond the realm of this 5 senses , come with me as I hope through my shared thoughts I can make your day

Ist Sense of  SIGHT , the bible says blessed are your eyes because they see , I want to thank God for your life today because you are opportuned to have the gift of sight and that is why you can read this BLOG , don’t you see that its good to see , its a blessing to be able to see everything around you , life would be boring without the eyes but not extremely ,Humans are naturally very reliant on sight, and are a predominantly visual species. I rely on my sight  too much to give it up when I have the choice of giving up something more useless.To live with out seeing is missing all of the beautiful sights of nature,  with these eyes I admire and appreciate beauty, I make sure I see , watch only the things that matter and will make me better , there where times when I acted naughty to see things that affected me negatively and I paid dearly for it , the eyes are connected to brain , make use of these EYES ,  remember what you see is what you become,and we have blind spots in our lives , things we cant see but people can see,the only mirror who can show it to us is the Bible.if you  have a good sense of sight

  • You are a very observant, detail oriented person
  • You are able to take in a lot of information at once.
  • You often see things that other people never notice.eye

2nd Sense of  TASTE , someone said to live without taste is missing a sense for good food, life without taste is boring  , taste sweet , sour, bitter et al ,I like to eat though little but it has to taste good  , and people also liken taste to human desires  and you hear people say , you have good taste when they make good choices of dresses , spouse , or acquire good things ,its going to be much harder to enjoy life without taste . What kind of taste do you have , oh lets leave food out of this , but don’t eat what you don’t feel good about for the sake of eating , make good choices , if you cant , ask good to help you, he has the best  taste and that’s why you are beautiful .if you have a good sense of taste

  • Pleasure is very important to you, and you spend a lot of time finding new pleasures to enjoy.
  • You hate mediocrity. You demand the best.
  • Obviously, you love to eat – and you often eat to excess.
  • tasting

3rd Sense of SMELL , It would be nice to smell smoke in case of fire, imagine ” Why do certain smells instantly evoke specific memories or feelings”? If you have a good sense of smell ,

  • You appreciate the smaller things in life that few people notice
  • You notice subtle changes just as they happen
  • You’re the first one to know if the seasons are changing
  • smell

4th Sense of  HEARING Being able to hear is important to us . Not being able to use verbal language to communicate with people can create a challenging and potentially dangerous language barrier. I’m a very social person, and I love to learn, laugh, and talk. It would make these three things very difficult if I were incapable of audible perception. To live without hearing is missing out on all of the lovely and smoothing melodies .if you have a good sence of hearing

  • you also love to listen.You are simply a natural conversationalist.
  • You can have a deep conversation that lasts for hours and come out of it feeling energized.
  • You also are a huge lover of music. You probably love music more than most people you know.
  • earing

the 5th sense of FEELING/TOUCHING To live without the sense of touch would be unbearable for how else would one sense a loved one.   And who doesn’t want to feel a hug? “There are few words so reassuring, as a gentle, affectionate, and understanding touch. The idea of love can be written in a million poems and a thousand essays, which help us understand it in a reflective manner, but few things are so realistically understood as love when through the physical act of it; it is so logical to believe that experience is necessary to knowledge in this situation, just as it is impossible to know the true nature of terror without going through war, or other experiences . if you have a good sense of touch

  • You are a highly sensitive and easily moved person.
  • You love to get as close to other people as possible.
  • Human connection is very important to you.In fact, you like almost anything soft!You have expensive taste in clothes and furniture
  • touch

God is great  ,for me  To live without any of my senses is not an option by natural assignment and not an option for a preference for a lack of either one,  With natural assignment one may better enjoy Life’s Drifts. To preserve nature is living , it takes the living to enjoy life , then what do  I term as the 6th sense ? but first tell me which one of these senses will you give up or live without  if you are conditioned and why ?

love ya loads




MY QUEST SERIES August 7, 2009

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As I got to work this morning I made myself a cup of coffee , I took turns to read different blogs , I subscribed to a lot of blogs because am a blogger and I have kept discovering ways of becoming a better blogger day in day out , more-so this has to do with my quest for knowledge about  LIFE , everything about life .Really have been having a  nice time with myself and I see myself getting sweeter and sweeter everyday(lol).In the past one year have touch the depth of ME .

I use myself as example all the time because I desire to share my experiences and the lessons I learnt from it , I also dont want to limit my SHARING to my experiences and that is one of the reasons why I read , and listen .

I wake up every morning and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is GOOD MORNING JESUS , THANK YOU LORD , this have been doing for a long time , in my house it is forbidden for you to wake up and not say your  prayers , so even when I cant settle down to say the prayers , I do it while bathing or doing my activities , I sing and listen to sermons already stored on my phone ,this has become part of me with time .When I get to work I commit the day into the hands of God and sanctify my office,  I turn on my System  to listen to JOYCE MEYER ,now this is the real devotion , this woman is my mentor and I can say I have gained a lot from her life , now I make sure I listen to her pod-cast like everyday over and over ,I subscribed for her  monthly magazine, video et .al , this is because I want to learn , I want to know GOD more improve my pattern of living , I desire to become a BETTER ME , FRIEND , SISTER , MOTHER , CO-WORKER , SPEAKER ,WRITER WIFE my list is endless .


In my quest to become a GOOD  CHRISTAIN , I read my bible to pattern my life according to the word of GOD , which is the lamb unto my feet and the light unto every path I thread , I also subscribe to some  daily devotionals on-line, trust me I cant afford my steps not to be ordered by God , have been through so much to want to live my life all by myself , so I allow him run the show  , he knows better .There is power in the word ,when I was in the secondary school I was a serious bible scholar I  read and cram the bible and it helped to increase my level of assimilation , I was the best in my class , I was just unbeatable but when I entered the UNI my zeal dropped and I payed for it dearly , this is my testimony . So if you want to become THE BEST YOU , TRY GOD NOW! NOW! and stay GLUED


In my Quest to discover my PURPOSE and VISION,  I listen to JOYCEMEYER /MYLES MONROE, PAULA WHITE  /TD JAKES etc , I want to simplify my life and live a fulfilled life by GOD’S grace , I want to become a sweeter ME ,I want to give  pure /unadulterated love , I notice I was lacking  some attributes like last year , then I decided to take the bull by the horns , I became the leader of  a GROUP in my church and  I had to show love whether  I like it or not ,then I began to Love by force till it became part of me God knows these people cant wish for a better leader , I also had some funny habits that I had to drop , I learnt to naturally take things easy , life is beautiful and simple , why get too much and keep it when there is so much to give , Now I know better , Get mentors,  Good mentors  are inevitable.


In my Quest to pursue to childhood PASSION  , I had to look for people who are successful in that field , I love to talk not just say anything but make good sence, I want to help people , I long to see people’s dreams come to reality while am on my way to where I wanna be,  I joined TOASTMASTERS International Org to become a competent communicator , I notice there are rules / laws guiding communication and I need to learn and practice , I picked Oprah , watch Ellen , watch Tyra , I want to be on air I went to the radio station hanged around announcers , watch them , practice and now I not the best but I can do it .You need to surround yourself with the people who are doing well in your field , if you have a dream , you need to watch and see , and read about People who have done it better and with time your own ideas will begin to flow .


In my Quest to become  a WIFE, which is every ladies dream , I know marriage is a very controversial issue , people have their opinions , people have both good and bad experiences ,  MARRIAGE has become a topic that we cant but discus , I took up 2 people with successful marriages and I kept very close relationship with them , I want to enjoy my marriage I don’t want to live in HELL(BAD MARRIAGE) , I bought books , I learnt how to COOK different type of dishes , I search for materials on-line , I attend seminars ,  I have a good idea of what I want in mind and once I see it I’ll go for it , once I have the WILL , God will make the way , I don’t want to be found wanting in that institution when I enter it , I want the MAN to be ,  meet me prepared , My mind is open to new ideas ,I have my pen and paper alert all the time, once I learn or reason out a new thing I write it out  because I want to do what I WRITE , Do you feel you should be a better spouse? Watch faithful, loving spouses in action, and never, never concentrate on the ones who aren’t good. They don’t even apply here in any way. 


In my quest to become a better (PROFESSIONAL)SAT/TXP Engineer , I had to study  beyond what I do everyday, I paid to write some professional exams and I have not stopped , this Job foots my daily bills , and I have to do my best to keep it  ,  I work in a male dominated industry and as a lady you really to prove yourself to be relevant , I am even looking beyond what I do now and that is the reason why I said I need a change ,  I have been making moves writing exams that will finally land me in my destination , I know change will come because am prepared for it .

                                          change the world

there is something inside of us all that in the midnight hour behind close doors when no one is there and you’ve got so much and you might even be tempted to give up , but you have to look inside of you and make the decision to either give UP or go ON , I intend to continue this QUEST SERIES , to share real life experiences with you, life the way I see it and what I learn from it .

You want to be great, start imagining what it feels like to be great. Every week come up with something to incorporate into your new “self”. Watch as your new “self” grows and becomes better every day, be determined , diligent and daring .

for joyce

love you