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Plan to plan …..dreams come true August 3, 2009

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I had a very fulfilled weekend , I went on air by myself for the very first time , I got the deal to present for 5 mins on a programme every Saturday , my segment is called Beauty and Brains , things are getting better , I know someday my 5 minutes will turn to 1hr and I can really get the chance to inspire and motivate people like I want , I had to cancel my role in toastmasters to make this dream a reality , I didn’t see it coming this soon , but its here now and my days of wishing and dreaming is over , its time for improvement , time to get my own audience and do my own thing and be the best .


I had plan to do this when  I was very young , but I couldn’t go straight into it because of my choice of study in school , but still I kept my plan , and I know someday something is going to happen and I kept my dream alive , the link to this 5mins Job came from facebook , somebody who knows someone gave me the link , and with so much zeal I followed my passion , A lot of us have dreams ,plans , some to finish school and get married to a nice dude , some want to travel around the world ,even of you haven’t done all you plan  or even passed the age , but don’t stop planning

I share these stories to let you know that while there’s nothing inherently wrong with a plan, I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted and a concept of what’s necessary to move forward. Let your “plan” be like water — free flowing and able to alter direction as the path changes. Figure out what you want out of life and figure ways to get it done and remember the saying: “Want to see God laugh? Make a plan!”

Join me on Eko – 89.75fm Saturdays   11am-12noon , my 5mins Beauty and Brain segment ……dreams come true


6 Responses to “Plan to plan …..dreams come true”

  1. Dmingus Says:

    Dreams do come true, and its wonderful when one is opportuned to experience the plan and the effort put into fulfilling a dream bearing good fruit. This is so good!!!!

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    This is just the beginning but i like the fact that you called it DREAM COMES TRUE. Every dream to make this bigger will surely come through..In Jesus Name

  3. thanks so much , i will also be there to celebrate yours with you

  4. Hey Funmi! Your blog is refreshing. And i’m soooooo happy for you. I wish i could tune in from Toronto. Nevetheless, i’m so proud of you. Keep me posted.

  5. thanks dearie , thanks for the tips and the encouragement , you would listen to me when you come around love u babe

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