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The change I need August 5, 2009

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My night was good , though short got home late,  woke up early , back to work again  , I told my friend this morning ‘this must not continue forever’ , there was to be a way out , I cant continue to contribute so much to someone’s pocket and yet get so little ,  so little and I mean so little . Have been thinking and wishing  “I need a new Job”  , I want to do something new ,I need to do something where my innerstrenght has to play a role everyday ,  ,I need a move ,and something has to be done about this , have been challenging myself and been adding values , been trying my best , talking to people applying ,have been talking to big Daddy about this , he has helped me to settle my passion but my profession also needs a touch

…Oh! Oh !change……Grwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.I am screaming change ,who knows how I can get a change I  need comments and suggestions, I need a new JOB……………..

Lv always



5 Responses to “The change I need”

  1. Wale Smatt Says:

    The job concept, though sounds good but shouldn’t necessarily be your next option. Many a times we assume rightly or wrongly that what we need is another job, another neighbourhood, another this and that, while in the real sense, all we need is to give expression to our innate talents by launching-out and doing “your own thing”.

    If it’s His vision, He will always make provision for it. The koko of the matter is facing the fear of launching out squarely.

    You can write your own script baby gal, of course with His pen. Keep adding value, keep polishing ur skills, a little here, a little there and when the opportunity comes, you are game.

    Changeeeeeeeeeee, for me, it is fait accompli.

    Nice day.

  2. JesusFreak Says:


    God will provide a better one..

    Love you

  3. Ola Says:

    Nice BLOG u have here! Keep it up!

    You express yourself in a sincere and ‘natural’ way…I love that.

    The CHANGE u need’s on the way…just be sure u grab it with both hands when it comes.

    I’m talking from experience! I was in dire need of a change on the job front about this time last year…it came in the least expected fashion and God had to literally ‘hand-hold’ me to embrace the change. I’ll be forever grateful to HIM for his merciful intervention at that point in my life.

    So having made all necessary preparations, BRACE urself for the coming CHANGE you desire ‘cos I can hear the sound of abundant ‘rain of favour’ coming over your life in a dimension beyond your requests and imagination (see Eph 3:20). Can I hear an AMEN…TSWEL!

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks am so honored and I say amen to your prayers ,seems you are the prophet God sent to prophesy the change , cheers bless you

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