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You are my V.I.P August 6, 2009

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Hello Friend,


Just  a note to say hello,  trust the God who eyes  doesn’t sleep , the one who became poor so that you might become rich , the same person who gave you ears and listens to all conversations made on your behalf , same person who runs errands for you and he is  still your creator ,I know he has been keeping you , And that’s  why I celebrate him over your life today, your reading MY BLOG and leaving comments keeps me going , Just thought I should appreciate you ,this is  also the same reason why I call you a VIP ,


Remember there is nobody like u  , u are just u anybody better than you is worse , anybody finer than you is ugly (lol) , you are the only VIP in your world, Me and the whole world is expecting the manifestation of God in your life ,your music will soon be played and you will get to your destination.The world awaits your greatness and I know it’s  here already ,


Please don’t forget I’ll be there to share your joy when  the time comes and that time is now , because you will forever be a VIP to me

A toast to you


God bless you as I leave you with these  beautiful  Roses






2 Responses to “You are my V.I.P”

  1. JesusFreak Says:

    Thanks for this…

    You are also very important to us. That’s why we dote over you…lol

  2. thanks dearie , u r such a great person

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