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Something Good and +VE Everyday August 18, 2009

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Its better not to be too caught up in the issues of life , I have not stopped listening to Joyce Meyers “cool , calm and collected” and  the patience series , I also got this book Reduce me to love , my mind needs a refill all the time , its a terrible thing to waste ,I didn’t do to well behind the mic this Saturday my producer was not too impressed, I know it can only get better , I don’t need to be negative and critical and make anything pull  me down , am willing to do whatever it takes to make myself a better person .

But one thing I notice is because of some occurrence from Friday to  Saturday my moral was kinda low , I didn’t want to do anything too serious like update my blog and prepare well for my  programme , I couldn’t make  my normal routine call to my group members , I was a bit down emotionally , but I didn’t  want to have a negative attitude or have a negative conversation , no one with a bad attitude enjoys life , its not our circumstances that makes us to unhappy it is our attitude towards our circumstances , worry , frustration , being upset is all waste of time ,I have looked back at all the days have worried and try to figure things out,   become upset , I realize it was just a waste of time and life and made  myself miserable accomplishing nothing , but I would have enjoyed my life if  I have chosen to do so , but choosing to have a positive attitude and positive conversation will release PEACE .

Who knows where we’ll be if we had been totally positive ,we have to try not to be negative , we have to try to be positive , we fight a lot of battles in life,  sometimes our whole day can go sour just because of the way we begin our morning , why do our thought always go to the problem , its because we still have deep roots in our fears and we don’t turn to GOD to come through for us , we can choose our attitude , we can choose our thought,  choose not to get angry , choose to cry , choose to be positive , every morning when I wake up I listen to a sermon I saved on my phone by Joyce Meyer titled “Confident Expectation”and I repeat everyday “Something Good is going to happen to me today “,

We need to make up our mind on our approach to life , no one is responsible for our  happiness, negative thinking limits our  potentials ,we have to be responsible for our behaviour  and actions , its even Godly to be responsible, if we avoid our responsibilities to ourselves everything in life goes haywire.I SEE YOU HAVE PEACE , JOY , HAPPINESS,  I SEE THE +VE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE,

Love you always



3 Responses to “Something Good and +VE Everyday”

  1. akaBagucci Says:

    followed thru from Twitter.. Great blog too..

    Being upset is just waste of time…

    Learned that the hard way a few days ago too….

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    Oh oh.

    I noticed that but i didn’t want to say anything. Thank God that we are meant to stay positive and learn from all our experiences.

    Thanks for this

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