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C-caution August 27, 2009

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This week I was talking about what lies ahead in the future, the subject of personal finance came up in the discussion.Now in this time of crisis and reduced personal spending and increased debt, it is a very important subject matter. Now I do not have a perfect spending, criteria.

Some of us generally acquire things that we don’t really need, and with the advent of aso – ebi, friends getting married and you need to buy the uniforms, I feel it’s something that is not compulsory, moreover you can buy everything, and I tell you, if you don’t have a low self esteem you can’t feel left out if you don’t put on the party uniform(aso-ebi)  , I believe this is the time to save more , you never know when you might really be in need of money , you have to save for the rainy days

We don’t need to overrule sensibilities? My position is you should never lose focus of your self-interest, but rather you need to spend wisely. Do not go out and incur debt on the other person’s behalf. Keep focus on your financial stability. DO not blend finances. That is asking for trouble.

 I am getting a little worked up talking about this issue because I believe folks who have their stuff together are fair game for those who do not. The goal is to pay attention to what is happening, and protect yourself, emotionally and mentally. .

Be careful, sisters, and protect yourself from debts and  credit and your identity. Be careful who you let into your life so you don’t keep friends who just want you to buy more and save less.

Stay blessed.


One Response to “C-caution”

  1. JesusFreak Says:

    Well said!

    Debt is a disease

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