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Much a do about Reality TV shows September 2, 2009

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Back from work , I entered the living room and something going on  in the TV caught my attention , I saw a panel of 3 judges , who where harassing a potential singer , one of the judges a lady who I don’t think can read musical notes and has released a couple of albums , under the platform of her elder-brother’s record label , she said and I quote ” hey babe hit me up “, “take me there” “lets go there ” and immediately this young lady started doing her own kind of justice to Celine Dion’s hit track , “that’s the way it is ” .Alas the second Judge who is a professional DJ , popular not a very good singer but at least thriving well in the Nigeria musical industry  said ” hey girl any student ironing in the secondary school dormitory can equally do that song the way you just did it ” pick up another form next year ” my jaw dropped and I swallowed a lump in my throat. I saw the expression of disappointment on this young lady’s face as she quietly walked away.


I wish I could run after her , though I was watching it all from home and tell her yes she can if only she can put more effort ,I wish I could give her a pat in the back and tell her thanks for coming you did well but work harder to be chosen next time . I stayed glued to this talent hunt show and people kept coming in, even handicapped , some did well enough , some did very badly and I marvelled,  how on earth! will people like this think they can sing , I think am thinking loudly but the truth is People or private bodies or Organizations put up adverts for REALITY TV SHOWS ,  there are so many of them now, in music , acting , style , fashion the list is endless . The bulk of the people who pick up these forms are the youths , students ,who knows where they might have gotten the money from , but alas some of them don’t get past the auditions , after thinking of the mouth watering rewards/ gifts associated with the shows .


I remember I also once  nursed the ambition of participating in a reality TV programme , AMBO to be precise , I loved acting , but one thing led to another events unfold and I found out I needn’t show up in a reality tv show before I can discover myself or make it . very well so many stars like OMAWUNMI , DARE ART ALADE , TIMI , and some others have been discovered.


But one thing that makes me sick is the JUDGES , yes its OK to criticise but  it has to be constructively , I know a lot of people  are not competent or  good enough , but all they need is encouragement , I know it could be annoying to see people who are really really bad , but for the sake of showing up , picking up the form , they could still be treated better , these Judges started from somewhere , they got picked up from NOTHING TO SOMETHING , they need to treat participants RIGHT  , Imagine if they say this ;

” am so sorry you didn’t sing very well but you can either start by going for a voice training , you can enrol in a music school , and you can even see me later to give you tips that can help you in your career , I believe  you can if you think you can  , ”

This is not a bad thing to say to anyone even if the person is TAGGED worse , the reason why they are JUDGES apart from screening out to pick the best is also to encourage people as ROLE MODELS , if they have been considered  FIT  out of  a host of others as PROS , then they should show good leadership skills , they should encourage upcoming people /youths , if they were  not called they wont come .Yes I BLAME people who  are actually not good or fit for these shows but pick up forms , show up for auditions and bad enough the auditions are broadcasted , but on a second thought who/what  could have been the driving force behind them picking up the forms , maybe they think they are good in their own way , really I don’t know .


But what I know is everyone of us should think about what we can do to make someone’s life better , so many of us are busy trying to get breakthroughs , but we are neglecting our neighbours . If you are nursing an ambition and you think you can , what you need to do is to work on yourself , even if the skills you are eyeing is not INBORN it can be LEARNT , there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE  with GOD , You can do ALMOST ANYTHING , and that is what God says provided he gives you the will he can make the way ,So next time you show up in-front of intimidating JUDGES to prove your worth  don’t let them discourage you or make you feel you CANT. if you get kicked out , pick yourself up and dust yourself and  you might do beautifully again .

You will succeed

Love you Loads




10 Responses to “Much a do about Reality TV shows”

  1. dlp Says:

    I really agree with u. I stormed on this particular talent hunt u r refering to. The question that ran thru me was, who told her (the female judge) that she can sing or the so refered “cool DJ JJ”. She sing choruses while the DJ uses other people to get his glory. I see this talent hunt shows as opportunity to get rich thru the masses that intended to be a star. If the so-judges cant encourage then they show stop talent hunts. Even a milk copany is coming up for a hunt…….This is poverty.

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks for the comment , I wonder where we are going too, AIT just lunched their own talent show too , infact its unbecoming of Nigerians and then we see all sorts of judges who intimidate instead of encourage ,please keep reading cos i wont stop writing cheers

  2. justdoyin Says:

    ff, I see ur point in this, I really do, and I agree with u that these judges need to treat applicants/participants much much better, and speak to them more respectably…

    however, some of them are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad, even u watching at home, are like “what on earth is this person doing there?”…

    I mean, the judges too are human and after an hour or so, of sitting through people like that, one can’t blame them if they get upset and start dishing out unfair comments…

    However though, the judges still need to realise their role as models to these aspiring singers/actors/fashionistas, etc, and encourage rather than degrade them, make rather than break their spirits…

    Cheers gurl.

  3. Toyin Says:

    ff, nice write-up. Honestly i am sick and tired of all these reality tv shows. Most of them are just packaged with the sole aim of making profit without considering the effect on the larger society.

    Talking about the judges, it’s time we realised that it takes more than popularity to be a good judge.

    As for the contestants, hmmm…………. some dont know themselves well enough or dont have true friends to tell them the truth.

    Friend keep writing…………. welldone

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks deasr , maybe I should start a reality tv show too , or what do you think lets do the colabo , these people are making money and discovering not the best so far and the judges whoops!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fotus Says:

    ff,i think what you are saying is very correct,but there is no big deal in during reality shows but there are lot of reality shows that can be done and u will see professionals as the jugdes , but you know nija people instead of during things that is challenging and motivating ,they just do anything they feel like during and with all these shows young people refuse to be hard working any more but feel they can earn good money after this shows.Also ,most refuse to further there education and realy on all these funny shows.
    I think this medium is very good you can try to publish this your feeling ,i think will really make an impart,more wisdom dear.

  5. JesusFreak Says:

    Good post, great comments. I’m short of words. To be precise, some reality shows are not meant to be. Some participants are not meant to show up. So will do this type of screening?

  6. funmi Says:

    thanks , no problem .

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