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3C = COOL+CALM+COLLECTED September 4, 2009

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Yesterday night was so refreshing as I joined the other chorister’s in church for our monthly prayer and fasting , before I entered the auditorium , one of our big brothers in the choir was looking for me , and I waited to see him and he looked worried and why was he worried ? guess the answer was because of me , he felt so concerned about a part of my life that I had handed over to God because it was beyond me . He spoke so passionately and I looked up trying not to be affected I told him , I don’t want to discuss this because the only person who has the answers knows about it already and he is able to do it exceedingly , too much for a prayerful man of GOD


I joined my other friends in the auditorium but the expression I had on my face was more of a worried person than a stressed lady just coming from work . I managed to exchange pleasantries , while we were worshiping , the person leading was trying to encourage us to praise God , and I said to myself I better praise him , inspite of all I’ve heard or seen , he knows better , I had to encourage myself and I spoke my heart to God , I poured it out exactly the way I was feeling .

One thing that kept running through my mind was that Only GOD understands , my sister told me something once that IF ONLY WE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT GOD ONLY WANTS , WE WONT HAVE A PROBLEM LETTING GO , yes I don’t know what God is doing but he knows what he is doing , he is too marvellous for me to comprehend , and I don’t want to be busy asking him why ? I just want to be cool , calm and collected .Atimes we have to let go of ourselves and enjoy peace , I pray for GRACE to face the truth about me , and get my self straightened out , am intended for peace and Joy ..

keep calm

Situations may go awry, but you don’t have to let them get to you. Learn how to sit back, relax and soak up all the peace Jesus gives.Become a peaceful person and  hold on to your peace and never let it go.

Stay Cool , Calm and Collected

Love you


3 Responses to “3C = COOL+CALM+COLLECTED”

  1. fotus Says:

    it is only when there is understanding of the word of God that someone will know that everything work together for our good expectially those that put there trust in him.Let him take all the worries and the joy for us his children.

    I will make sure that i read this your word every day cos is so motivating.

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    Be still and know that I am God. That is what He said. He is the God that rules over all the affairs of man.

    Our lives are in His hands. We just have to be cool, calm and collected.

    Thanks for this

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