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Re-write your own scripts September 11, 2009

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It has been a very funny week , a unforgetable one to be precise , emotions running, jamming here and there , so funny , but I say to myself this too shall pass , I visualised  myself smiling someday soon . I went back to my bookshelf to dig out one of the books I had read before like 2 years ago , In Pursuit of Peace ,by Joyce Meyer . powerful book , I noticed I had unrest , I lacked peace , and I needed to get out of it , so I had to go in pursuit of peace , God gives peace.

peace 1

Dear Friends,Imagine the world you live in as a movie set, yes we do wrong thing but we also do right things “I realize that was the set which fit perfectly the character I’ve chosen to play, and the drama I’ve been choosing to enact.”

But now we should no longer be who we used to be , we should choose to be our most radiant self, dwelling at the highest level of our creative possibility.We need to manufacture the set, the drama, and our personality with  the power of our subconscious mind, because for me now I choose differently. My ego is no longer in charge, because I remember that God is. I remember I’m the child of a divine creator, and I choose to manifest the glory of God that is within me.”

peace hand

Now go rest, play, enjoy, improve, forgive and get ready — while your set’s being changed! And on the pages of your Life God will change your story


With love,



3 Responses to “Re-write your own scripts”

  1. Tunde Adekoya Says:

    That is the way to go girl. I’m impressed and inspired.

  2. Wale Smatt Says:


  3. charmingff Says:

    thanks so much ,bless you

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