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I chose love and I’m here September 14, 2009

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. love sun

 I had a very stressful weekend , I had to show up to play a role in Toastmasters , but its a new week, I had this thing in my mind I needed to share , We all have a choice, Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard all the praise surrounding the movie Slumdog Millionaire. One of the most fascinating aspects of the film is actually the soundtrack and the story of its composer, A. R. Rahman. He won two Oscars for his work on the score and when accepting his second award, his words were short and to the point: “All my life I had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I’m here.” Powerful words to be sure, but what do they mean?

For me, it’s quite simple. Everyday we have the opportunity to be positive or negative influences in our universe. Each day we are confronted with the chance to build up and support or knock down and destroy. Which course do you take?


When your  babe / guy comes to you with an idea she is extra excited about. Do you quickly point out all flaws and why it will never work, or do you tell her it’s awesome and ask how you can help her make it happen? Love or Hate? A co-worker announces that she’s getting married and enthusiastically shows her ring. Do you let them know you’re happy for them, or do whisper to colleagues that the ring probably is fake? Love or Hate? You are super close with your sister and she gets an amazing job offer across the country. Do you give her a major guilt trip trying to get her to stay or do you send her off with your best wishes and a big party? Love or Hate?

Its better not to miss the opportunity of choosing love all the time , I have been there and I know how it feels , and believe me I know better now ,God is love ,We are constantly given these opportunities to choose and the path you choose has an impact not only on you, but those you interact with. Just think about how differently we receive someone that flashes a smile instead of a scowl. Now think of living your life as that smile.


But make no mistake; this is NOT the 80’s mantra “don’t worry, be happy.” Acting with love doesn’t mean that you view the world through roses and act as if our troubles and conflicts don’t exist. That would be silly. Choosing love allows us to act in affirmation. To support and love, but to also protest and demonstrate. To lift someone up, but to also let someone know what he said wasn’t cool. When I express outrage about our leaders , it is not because I hate  them . My motivation comes from a love of justice and respect for the human community.

So what does it mean to walk in love? It means support your friend, congratulate your co-worker and be happy for your sister. It means, love and respect yourself while respecting others around you and the space they occupy. It means thinking about how to make things better while understanding that someone else’s success doesn’t insure your failure. It also means confronting injustice, standing up for what’s right and realizing that hate only destroys the hater.

chinese love

Choosing this path doesn’t make you weak. Truly, only those of the strongest character can choose love every time. I am not there yet (especially when I’m behind the wheel, it’s very hard to find love there!) and just like you, each day I have the opportunity to do better. Everyday I have the choice between love and hate. Today, I choose Love.



love you



5 Responses to “I chose love and I’m here”

  1. foluke (fotus) Says:

    ff, am so happy for ur live only if u know what this has just done to my life cos am going through exactly what u wrote and i ve this relieve immediately i read it .may the good lord continues to strengthen you.as for me too i use love even when i feel am behind ,i refuse to hate.Thanks dear lot of love

  2. Abolade Says:

    Waoh, Funmi….. this is a great lesson about love, believe me, i used to think that love makes one weak and helpless, now am proud to have fallen in love in the past, and feel so strong to forge ahead, pursue and find LOVE.

    God bless you for this masterpiece.

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks so much , am happy it makes meaning to you , dont ever stay out of love , dont be afraid to give it and recieve it , life is too short to hate , there is so much more to you than the eyes can see, cheers bless u too

  3. JesusFreak Says:

    This is well expository.

    I can boldly say, I chose love and i am here. Unconditional Love as been the underlining factor for all my actions and decisions

  4. funmi Says:

    lol….lover man

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