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The bedrooms in your heart September 18, 2009

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BEDROOMNever did I know I would be doing lots of things today , but one thing I am sure is that It’s not my aim to look for fame in anything I do , my most inspiration is from the  1st to 3rd verses of the 61st chapter of the book of Isaiah, my greatest fear is continuity , but really I dont know why , I dont want to say so much and do less , I dont want to stop ! no stopping now , We  need to master the ability to stay focused in our life , there is everything available to distract us .

There is so much bedroom in my heart to do so many things , everyday and in everyway I think of ways to impact ,even though the best is yet to come ,I  try to live  on the edge and on the fast lane , I  had to have a meeting with  myself , take notes , and the number of notes you take or put down doesnt determine your output , we need to be persistent  and organised ,the only way we know anything is doing it ,and I can tell you DOING is not very EASY , I am a withness , when I put my thoughts down, I commit myself , so no going back .

At times we wish we weere this and that , after watching the guy who won 10million naira on who wants to be a millonaire , I started wishing it was me , I even planned what I would do with the money , when I woke up from my WISH DREAM LAND , I concluded I dont need a WISHBONE  i need a BACKBONE, if you are receieving vibes to do so many things its better you start , NOW !!!! , I dont intend telling people what to do , manipulate or  control or force , its high time we have to stop doing something about something we cant do anything about , let God be God and men be men .BE2

There is always comfort for your waste places , your wilderness can be like EDEN  ,and  your desert like the Gaden of the Lord , if God is laying 20 bedrooms in your heart know that if he brings you to it be can bring you through it .

  • if there is a BEDROOM to speak …..speak
  • if there is a bedroom for business …..do it
  • if there is a bedroom to teach …teach
  • if there is a bedroom to help people …help
  • if there is a bedroom to lead …become a leader
  • if there is abedroom to write …..write
  • if there is bedroom to dance ……dance
  • if there is a bedroom for soccer …play football

The list is endless .You are the best resource in the whole world

God bless you have a nice weekend

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3 Responses to “The bedrooms in your heart”

  1. Wale Smatt Says:


    You’ve spoken to my situation.

    Thank God for whoever Funmi Fasunloye is.

    Thanks Funmi for the person you are.

    Stay blessed.

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    Wow…my motivation also comes from Isa 61:1-3

    I guess just like we move from the bedroom every morning into other parts of the house and later go out, we need to move from conceiving to manifestation.

    Like Oprah will say Live your best life. I will add to it and make it Live Your Best Life NOW!!! No time to waste o.

    “You are the best resource in the whole world” That is what i strive to be.

  3. funmi Says:

    thanks , way to go guy

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