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Your Past a waste or Gain ? September 25, 2009

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On my way home yesterday I had a little bit of unrest , a friend called me up to discuss some issues with me , I called back to actually stretchout to explain more when I got home .

Many of us have gone through a lot in the past , we all have done funny stuffs in the past , a lot of commitments  , time , money , energy , life , spirit , soul and body , and then from time to time memories flashes our mind , For  me I could even be lost in thought , and little things can trigger memories like pictures , cards , gifts etc .

But really so many people are trapped up in their past , letting Go is not easy , some even though they had let Go ,but still found out that they still have a path to tread in their past on their way to the future . God’s  ways are not our ways , pretty much why some people date for some years and break up and after sometime they meet again and eventually start all over again .

Does  it mean that the things that has happened in the past is all waste or gain , how do you term is as a gain and when do you term it as waste ? does it mean people who seize opportunites in the past are smarter ? is life that unfair ? I need answers to these for my radio presentation .

I hope to get a feedback from you all soonest

much love



3 Responses to “Your Past a waste or Gain ?”

  1. missope Says:

    Hi Funmi…i really like this post. Personally, i think everything that happens, happens for a reason. We all have something to learn from your past. Whether it is was a negative or positive experience. The fact that i choose to move on means i’m also willing to grow. We are not perfect beings but we don’t want to be evil, either. For me, i’d say my past is a gain.

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    Good one.

    I don’t think what happens to us in the past is a waste. I have learned that experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want. That experience cannot be taught or purchased. So, whatever happens in the past falls into two parts which always works for the greater good of the now (future).

    Life becomes unfair when we choose not to learn because we are so blind to see what good that situation has to offer us. Remember, there is always a two side to everything…I guess i should stop before i turn a comment into another post.

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