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In the middle September 28, 2009

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I’m right in the middle of about half a dozen  of so many things . I can speak from experience that the middle is not so glorious.Generally, I start projects with great gusto. Then the pressure to finish sets in.Sometimes I simply lose motivation and the task sits on the back burner indefinitely.

In the middle, you don’t have the freshness—the hope and adrenaline—that comes with new beginnings. And you don’t have the sense of completion or the relief of closure that accompanies the end. In the middle, it’s often a matter of trudging ahead, one foot in front of the other—too far from the start to turn back, and too far from the finish line to even know how much further you have to go, let alone to see the light at the end.

While this middle malaise may be experienced in a job, living situation, ministry, education or almost anything even in status , singleness or marriage middle

I imagine the ending of my single status would be easier than this middle segment too. Not because marriage is easier somehow, but because of the perspective that comes when a chapter is closing. And maybe even more than that, because of the relief in knowing that there is, after all, an ending point to this season. Sometimes I think that’s what gnaws at me most about this stage: that it might not be a stage, after all—that this is going to be it, indefinitely, till death do I part. Because, of all the good and gracious things God has promised me, marriage isn’t one of those guarantees,

Even if I never register at Dannies Bridal shop  or wear a flowy white dress or “upgrade” to Mrs.—my single status will have an ending point. Regardless of how things end up from an earthly perspective, I will be a bride someday. After all this time stuck in the middle of awkward, limited human relationships, each one of us—married or not—will experience true, unconditional love. After all this time of waiting, the time will finally come when we will be the bride of Christ.

I don’t want to underestimate the middle because I  may look back one day and see that it was one of the most important seasons of my  life.




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