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NEW DAWN ; NEW DAY; NEW THING October 7, 2009

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And he says Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

prt_sep15 new thiing for fart

Immediately after “beauty and brains ” on saturday the 3rd , I rushed down to anchor a Party as the MC , the supposed MC was supposed to be one of the renowned comedians in the country , was absent for some reasons , I indicated my Interest , it would be my first public appearance as a Master of Ceremony , I had done a couple while I was in the Sec school , but I really cant count on my past Glory now , I mounted the stage gorgeously dressed not even having a great idea of what I was going to do , But I decided I was just going to look inwards and do something , I just have to do something NEW today and make a new name , new impression , new attraction , NEW! NEW! NEW!.I was simply amazing even to myself , not to be vain I think I did a good Job , and after the show I recapped new ways of doing it better than I did . People came to appreciate me , some cheered me up from afar , some even criticised which was just ok by me , I know I had done something new  , it’s a NEW DAWN .


The steadfast love of God never seizes , his mercies are NEW everyday , so there is a NEW MERCY for me every other day , meaning I can do something NEW everyday . So what are you waiting for , there is always a new day in your life to DO SOMETHING NEW What are you afraid of ? Don’t you know, What you’re made of?
God’s Greatest creations, 24 hours is Almost gone, Get up TODAY , Don’t sit there, If you wanna get there
Clocks don’t stop and Time won’t wait,  Try out something new today , JUST DO IT , SO FAR YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IT , figure out what you want to do YOUR   life  and Learn  you can also ………………………..

  •  Get a tattoo
  • Show kindness to a stranger
  • Learn driving
  • make more money and save money
  • Get a new laptop
  • find a unique nickname
  • memorize the president’s speech
  •  Go to the dermatologist.
  • Climb a mountain
  •  Become fluent in more than one language
  • Exercise
  • tell someone you love him or her

Welcome to the rest of your life From now on, just try

  • To live more, want more
  • Work a little harder
  • Dance more, laugh more
  • Be a little smarter
  • Hug a little longer
  • Love a little stronger

Beyond skin deep There’s so much more to see , our hopes, our dreams designed with destiny .We were fashioned with passion a burning desire to know the One who made us more , He made us more than skin deep Cause we are more than skin deep , so much more

It’s a NEW DAWN every NEW DAY and do a NEW THING

Love you



3 Responses to “NEW DAWN ; NEW DAY; NEW THING”


    Funmi u r nt doin badly wit ur tots. but its really important u understand d only legacy any man can leave and live wit is to remain SIGNIFICANT, RELEVANT and HONOURABLE. yes the exictment of life its ok but only healthy for dat individual but makin a mark transcient dat

  2. justdoyin Says:

    nice message…congrats on getting ur groove on as MC…I don’t know about “getting a tatoo” though…it’s permanent u know?…

  3. funmi Says:

    lol , thanks babe ,that was on a lighter mood , though you could try something better , cheers dearie

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