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Do people really matter ? October 27, 2009

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 smiling babeI could be very naughty and silly in my thougts towards other people , but I have been doing a lot of studies about chosing my thoughts and what goes on , on my mind .It matters a great deal how we think about other people. We encounter people every day—in our homes and schools, at work, in the grocery store, on the highway .

Most of the time we don’t regard people much at all. We avoid eye contact, rarely offer a greeting, and only seem to notice others when we want something from them or they’ve done something to tick us off.There are two aspects to this matter of regarding others

The first is  is how we see them———————Are they just masses of flesh and blood, crashing around in our way or waiting to do something for us? Are they simply short or tall, irritating or funny, hard or pleasant to look at, beneath or above us? If we only look on the outer person—the one we can see with our eyes—we will have a hard time serving as conduits of grace and truth into their lives.we should regard others—not according to their outward presentation, but according to their eternal composition,This takes a little doing, because, frankly, the outer persons of the people we encounter each day can put up some serious obstacles. If you doubt this, ask others how they feel about you.I didnt know this myself until someday a friend of mine told me what she feels about me and I almost lost my mind .


The second thing is Others as we see them———————————–With our  fleshly concerns? Selfish interests. Daily tasks. Goals and objectives, dreams and aspirations, wants and likes, habits and routines. It’s very easy to conduct our daily lives through such lenses as these, so that everything always has to be just so, and everyone we meet simply has to get in line with our way of being-in-the-world.

Then lastly we see others Better than ourselves?—————————Our natural tendency is to think more highly of ourselves than we do of others.We must learn to esteem others better than ourselves.But again, the key to this is not firmer resolve or some patch-on formula. The key is the mind of Christ.It’s really that simple.


Let us press on to regard others no longer according to the flesh—theirs or ours. YES PEOPLE MATTER, BUT THE CANT MAKE YOU , YOU!!




love always



3 Responses to “Do people really matter ?”

  1. ayotunde Says:

    nice work.nice blog.

  2. JesusFreak Says:

    people are very important. we all need to know how to relate with people

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