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AGE, AGING and the many roles in life November 20, 2009

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Not long after I got back from work  on this faithful day and had my dinner , My mum and my younger sister where siting on the bed opposite mine and where playing ,they where both discussing and teasing , not long after them I found the this Afro wig of  mine in one of my bags and I wore it on me , checking the mirrow I asked my mum how I looked she said nice , pretty , My sister took the wig and wore on my mum”s head , so funny , she then did a light make up for her ,and took pictures of her ,  she looked fabulous though Old ………

After this whole scene , I had a recap of what happened , I looked at my mum , how she looked though old , she allowed my sister to do all that to her , though old but young in mind at that time , At her age she is a wife  , mother , sister and cousin , niece , friend , leader , employee and colleague to someone ,that reminds me that a lot of us want to be matured but we dont want our Age to increase in number  , mostly ladies , am sure we all know when a lady in her late/mid  2os she doesnt like to say her age most especially if she is not married , which has also happened to me too ……..

But truely how do we see age , How old would you be if you did not know how old you are?”Appearance  is the age you appear to be to others,we all know that at  particular point in life and age we play differenet roles  , one time we are the child and baby, then we become the daughter and son , we become the sister and brother , a niece and nephew , we become the boyfriend and girlfriend and we really enjoy this role and this is the role we all dont want to end , and we wished it lasted forever ,then moving on we become the finaance and wife or husband , and at this stage life stare sat us in the eyes specially , we become a father and mother and the list goes on and on and responsibilites keeps increasing  until we become grandparents ….what a life  

A quick glance is not sufficient,   age includes factors such as movement of  the body and alertness, not just a frozen face.  At times we  rely on random comments from friends, family, and nice or mean strangers to estimate our  age; and usually it’s a  pretty good /bad estimate.

A new way to look at age, which occurred to me awhile back,  is what I call one’s N.E.A.T. age. This is simply one’s time left on the planet from right Now to the time of death. This age is unknowable to anyone , Everyone who has ever lived has only so much time to live. Some have short lives, some have long lives, and some have lives neither particularly long nor short. But human life is finite and almost certainly will remain finite into the distant future if not forever. We do not need to take sides in the age- old debate about whether or not our allotted time is predestined by God in order to recognize that the amount is finite.

When it comes to matters of age, It is best to take our mind off , And move forward with grace, Paying no mind to this myth of the human race, REMAIN YOUNG

Love you still



One Response to “AGE, AGING and the many roles in life”

  1. justdoyin Says:

    As far as I’m concerned…age ain’t nothing but a number…I’m really not one of those ladies who’re afraid to drop their ages…I drop mine like it’s hot, to whoever asks…

    I like ur mum’s attitude…that’s d way to go…and I like ur perspecive on age and aging…weldone Funmi…

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