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A Little Bit of Something! December 17, 2009

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Yeah ! I  have been away but am not gone , no I wont quit , I took some time off to complete an academic journey that I stared , seems like yesterday , I boldly joined a host of some older people to embark on a journey of 18months which became 24 months due to seen circumstances .Achievement is key in life , you just need to be determined and nothing is a waste someday you will need something you have or you’ve had .

One thing I realised is that its very easy to lose focus in life , now I know better why things fall apart for some people , once you hear about them and next there are silent , During my vacation I was invloved in so many activities , ranging from academics to church , I had to read for my exams , I had to go to church to answer to my Father’s work , I am still studying because I still have exams , I met a couple of People , made new friends , visited some old friends  , I rested well and above all I feel refreshed .

And on the 15th of this month it dawned on me that the year was running fast to an end , in my mind it seems like the world is coming to an end , though am calm but am seriously believing God for so many things , that you will think it will take an eternity for him to do it , but am not giving up on HIM .I just need to get my butts together to do what I can do and he will do what I can’t do .Am doing a little bit of something , of the things that I need to do .

A Little Bit of Something is Better Than All of Nothing,In theory, it sounds logical. I’d rather have a little piece of candy than none at all.But, in reality, that phrase has very little truth. Though we still believe in its merit, it really means to settle for second best.So many times we  settle for mediocrity in our walk, less than prosperity in our  finances, a second-rate calling when they rejected the first. We settle for a church closer to home, friends that don’t place too many restrictions on our  lifestyle, a quick prayer instead of quality time with God. We choose the easy road, a low road; the path of least resistance.

As a result, we  choose a life of few blessing and even fewer miracles. You and I choose to barely squeeze through Heaven’s gate when we  could walk a life of victory now. We choose to leave loved ones behind, to do everything the hard way, to live a life of heartache and despair. We  choose to be our  own God.

I did that in the past so many times, but its all bygone now and now I know better ,

The truth is, a little bit of something isn’t worth much at all.

I love you still

Am right here always



5 Responses to “A Little Bit of Something!”

  1. Jumoke Says:

    Mind pondering one here…

  2. Deji B Says:

    Another great piece from u. ride on gal u re gud

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