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Good and Better is gone , the Best is here ! 2010 January 26, 2010

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Happy new year , yes ! 2010 is going to be a super year for us all , I haven’t posted anything on my Blog in a long time , not that I abandoned my Blog , but I have taken a pause to learn some skills that can help me in writing , and also acquire some skills that can help me in my personal development


Trust the season of yuletide brought blessing , but it’s all bygone now  , and the New Year is in our face , so many plans , dreams and aspiration for this year , God  has to take away the Good of 2009 and bring the Best in 2010 , If you have allowed so many things to slip off your hands , don’t worry the best is yet to come , Just re-position yourself to get the best .


I can’t but anticipate a whole lot of Blessings this year , Good has to go for better to come , and better has to go for the best to come .


Am committed to updating this blog for as long as am given the grace by the almighty to reach out to people ,in 2010 , bring life to you the way I see it and lessons I learn from it .let’s not settle for the less , don’t be the best of the worst or the worst of the best , I want anything that is going to be the best for me , and if  I have identified the only source to the best , then I have to stick to the source .Your Best is yet to come


You will make it

Love you still 



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