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All about RED ! February 16, 2010

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I want to say happy Valentine’s  day in arrears to everyone , this is coming rather late , but above all , I wish you Love , Joy and happiness all the days of your lives

Two days before Valentine’s I was coming back from work , and all the boutiques , grocery stores I saw around displayed clothes and items with the colour RED ,as much as possible almost everyone had a Red  colour commodity to sell ,to suit the coming VALS , and I kept wondering what is it with the colour RED , funny enough I like the Red colour , it’s very eye catching and it has a lots of meaning, One could almost be blinded by the clothing’s and accessories almost everyone had on VALS days .

And I wonder , I just wondered , RED , Red , what is it about you RED , I hummed the UB 40 song titled RED , RED WINE ! . I found out that red had more personal associations than any other colour . Red draws attention and a keen use of Red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element . The RED colour increases enthusiasm , stimulates energy , encourages actions and confidence , no wonder there is this sense of pride and confidence I feel anything I out on a RED attire , this amazing colour also provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety .

It beats my imagination that same colour that represents DANGER ! DISASTER ! BLOODSHEDDING ! ,little wonder why the bible says “though your sins are as RED as scarlet “ also represents LOVE! LUST AND BEAUTY , in many languages and culture , in china RED is associated with GOODLUCK and FORTUNE .In india Red colour marked on your forehead brings GOODLUCK .In Hindu red symbolizes JOY ! LIFE ! ENERGY and CREATIVITY .

One of the most interesting thing about the colour is that it is the highest colour of the rainbow and also the first colur you lose sight of at twilight ,amazing !.little wonder why some companies and brands like coke , Red-bull , America heart association , identify with the colour

There are a host of popular phrase about red see below

  • Red carpet treatment ; giving privileged treatment to an important person
  • Caught in the red : clearly guilty
  • Red in the face : become embarrassed
  • Seeing Red : to become angered
  • Red flag : a warning of danger
  • In the red : a term to describe economic loss

All these and many more phrases are used .

In the civilized world there is no question that the vehicle you drive is an extension of your personality –an unspoken but clear message to the rest of the world ,

  • The message you send by driving a vehicle that is vibrant Red is : sexy , speedy , high energy and dynamic
  • If however your vehicle is burgundy a shade of red :you have a similar message but far less obvious

I Feel Red is more than a colour , Red is when you are in LOVE , and passionate , Red is when you are Heartbroken and your heart is bleeding , Red is when you have loads of energy and confidence in you , Red is when there  is war , danger , Red brings back message and memories , metabolism , Red  increases respiration rate , It is a perfect colour .I love red

Is there something you know about Red that should have been included in my post , Great ! I’d love to hear from you , share what you know about Red

Love you always



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