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I NEED SOMEONE! February 18, 2010

Filed under: Me — charmingff @ 8:41 am

A quest in order to find
what lies in

My heart

In my soul

On my mind

So many weaknesses and faults

Sometimes serenity
sometimes misery

So complex and I say who can comprehend

I need a love that’s pure and true!

I need someone

who’s shoulder just to cry on

To ease the agony

and find tranquility

Share the inner most and secret thoughts

Someone who speaks words of love and mean so much

And Give a smile that would hide my pain

I need a love that’s pure and true !

Someone who’s got a special kind of love

that keeps me handlin

that makes everything alright

that makes life worth living

I need a love that’s pure and true!

Sweet and gentle touch

Lord I need,

I need someone my Lord

Can always find it in you JESUS

That someone is you


5 Responses to “I NEED SOMEONE!”

  1. justdoyin Says:

    lovely write up FF…yes, we all need someone…and what better someone than Jesus Himself?…

  2. yeah girl thanks for stopping by , we all need him in times like these , nobody else can give us the kind of love he gives

  3. walsmatt Says:

    Was about putting in an application when I read the final part of ur write-up.

    Quite incisive and true.

    Tkia and stay gud.



  4. Ayodeji Says:

    Whao!! what a wonderfl tintillating write up.men u r special i’m sure u’l grow up to be a motivational speaker across d globe.plz dnt relent nor keep ds special talent in u.Hw i wsh i get a conversation 4rm u. Notn attach but 4 vaguenes n thirst for such wisdom 4rm u.Warning! In evrytn Give God d praise,avoid pride.dnt be complacent nor allow any issue to draw u far 4rm God.u r gem to d world.c ur picture at d large esteem n God wl c u 2ru.one lov.+2348037283192

    • charmingff Says:

      thank you so much am very honored , thanks for the advice , please send an email to charmingfff@gmial .com , and lets chat , will surely give u a call ,thanks

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