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Internal Hunt February 25, 2010

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Recently been doing some studies on human communication and some other things ,In my quest to add value, I can say am learning , am Ok and am on my Way , I went on a hunt of a host of foreign things I want to know about ,

I want to fitly speak the word to people and treat people right , but one needs to be able to speak the right words all the times  ,and I want to edify people with my presence in Life ,  hence one falters, so before we falter we need to be wise , though we unconsciously say/do  things we later need to apologise for , But whatever situations ,circumstances we are in life , we need to represent Ourselves .

I have learnt not to Blame myself for misfortune , tragedy , there is no need to walk around guilty , once you have dropped the baton , pick it up and run , learn the new rules to winning .

A person’s internal disposition is completely dependent upon their decisions , so one needs to get rid of every negative feelings and foreign enemies in our lives .This is achievable with effort and will

There are   8LIFE  steps , that we need to know not to get stuck and stranded in life , Words produce what we think , Thinking produce emotions , Emotions produce Feelings , Feelings produce Decisions we make , Decisions produce the Actions we take , Actions we take produce the Habit we create , and the Habit produce our Character and the Character brings us to our Destination , this is the full anatomy of LIFE,

If you are not satisfied with Life , then we need to reverse or Undo , or re-address any of the steps in the anatomy of Life .The life we want can be definitely earned , we must not get stranded or stuck .


As goes our thinking so goes our life ,

if you think you are beaten you are ,

 if you think you are not then you wont ,

 if you think you’ve got class , you are ,

You’ve got to think higher to rise ,

You’ve got to be sure of yourself to win a price ,

think big and your deed will grow ,

think small and you fall behind ,

think that you can and you will and its all in the state of mind ,

think life battles don’t always go to the stronger and faster man , but to him who thinks he can win


My Ever Charming Self

Love always



2 Responses to “Internal Hunt”

  1. oluwadare ponle adeneye Says:

    I luv dis write.It is really about live.

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