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Life in a Fishbowl April 26, 2010

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Life in a Fishbowl I love my life. I really do. I love it so much I want to share it with you. Let me begin by greeting you, for greetings are important in Yoruba culture. You are most welcome! Welcome to a glimpse of life here: its joys, its challenges, its heartaches, and its triumphs. Welcome to where I live — a place called My world in the WORLD  . It is the best place I ever expected to find myself.

I am a young determined  lady at heart.  . Of recent I had flashbacks to mafia movies from the 1980s. If I was not learning anything else here in my world , I was learning to talk to God before doing anything — to find out His take on it, because He is always right and knows way more than I do!


Still here April 13, 2010

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Today , I thought about my blog after reading the series of blog I read daily , I have not been updating my blog very often , I don’t think I need to wait till I have something ver key , important and vital to write , I can just put up my daily activities and make it look like a journal , thanks for my friend Ope , she keeps inspiring me , reading her blog makes me feel that am around her , I read her blog with my Imagination, more like I can see what is happening around her , So am going to change for the better .

I want to write a daily journal , 365days journal for a set of people I cherish so much , am not going to let the cat out of the bag , I think am going to take sometime off work then go and do a proper research and make things happen , trust God to help me out .

Life is not a bed of roses , but not a bed of thorns , sometimes you just wish life would be over , sometimes you wished a very special day would last forever , the all-knowing knows what he is doing , he has a great sense of humor , am looking forward to a lot of things , change in status , job and so many others , am living my life-like its golden , someday, someday and gradually change will come .So till then I will keep on learning , trusting , praying ,loving and believing . I wont fail .(Amen)

things can only get better , God will make a way for the escape you need , because he ‘s never lost a case , It’s not over yet

love charming