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Be da Real Deal June 25, 2010

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Be the real deal To your family, friends and the society . Sure, people may know you. They may know about you. They may be aware of something fancy you did. That’s all fine and good. There’s nothing wrong with people thinking you are special, beautiful , nice, intelligent and the list is endless

But when you walk through the door to the place where you call home/church /school /office, do the people who know you think you hung the moon?

When you go visit your parents ,family members ,and friends ,do they smile when they see your face? When you kiss your spouse, do they know they are loved?

This year, one of my sisters went to school , I had no idea how unexplainable and unimaginable the love I’d have for her  would be. It is truly something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It doesn’t matter how many people read my blog. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks I’ve hung the moon because I extended forgiveness. It doesn’t matter if someone enjoys my company.

It doesn’t matter if I shared something with a friend /friends /colleagues  and they had an a-ha moment.

While I like that people read my blog and think I’m nice and enjoy my company and think that I have something important to say,

there is one thing that is more important. I want to be not just a big deal to them but the real deal

love You



2 Responses to “Be da Real Deal”

  1. facelessheart Says:

    Uhn… Food for thoughts. This to me simply means work on your character. Thanks babes for this call to action.

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