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Nobody is a nobody July 23, 2010

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I didn’t want to write , but I had to forward  my blog link to a Magazine company , and I decided to drop these few lines , It’s exactly one week after the Creative Career fair , It was a very nice initiative by some top shots in the entertainment industry ,it was a collection of stars , students trooping in , people from all works of life , It beats my imagination to see a good number of youths who want to associate with the entertainment industry , students taking notes , all forms of sessions , acting ,tv/radio presentation , PR media and Advertising and the least is endless .

I took my time to listen to very interesting stories by most of the Stars that came , but then on retiring back to my room , I had a recap of activities , Nigerians are talented , People just want do something with their talent , I remembered the large crowd that queued up infront of Nigezie stand when they called for auditioning , who doesn’t want to show on Tv ? I remembered a young man named Tolu one of the most talented writer in Nigeria today , a pharmacist turned writer , there was another Biochemist turned writer , and this means, irrespective of your course of study in the university , you can be whatever you want to be .There were loads of  opportunities flying in the air like spiders , you could smell how badly people want to be connected .

Being creative is a great deal , then another thing is to take the step to develop yourself , then you can be an Entrepenuer by just bringing your ideas into play .Initiate and Implement good ideas , Ideas rule the world

Anyway am excited am back on air , 11am-12pm every Saturday on ” Eve the Woman” , that’s like the most exciting thing happening to me right now apart from some other blessings hanging around me by the way.

God is good and great ,he is a creative God , he has a huge sense of Humor ,Nobody is a nobody God doesn’t make mistakes Nobody ever takes the place that doesn’t exist in grace,Don’t be ashamed for God has arranged you
Worth more than a billionaire exclusively engineered.God doesn’t make mistakes

Vacation on my mind ………………………………later gist

Love you still



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