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Allow YOU please ……………. September 6, 2010

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Yes where is your mind , where has mine been too , sure if you follow my blogging trend you would think , my mind went on vacation , well its good to give your mind a vacation , and let go of you , remove the attention off yourself and let your self be .

You need to be vulnerable at times , there is no sin in being vulnerable , let people know you don’t know and above all let God know you don’t know , so that he can help you , leave people who think they can take you for granted , anyone who wants to deceive you will first deceive him or herself .

My vacation was fabulous , I had fun , but then I went for a training ,  we were  to take tea /coffee every morning , I preferred coffee , because it  keeps me awake , so for like 4-days I carried my tea-cup very hot , not until one of the trainees a guy from Kenya , noticed how I carried my tea-cup and laughed at me , I laughed while he laughed and for once he was very surprised and impressed that , there ‘s a lady who doesn’t mind being laughed at . He then corrected me that the cup actually has a hidden handle , which he showed me and from that day on , I carried coffee cup with the handle  , I took to correction , I laughed at my ignorance , there is nothing to be shy about , I want to learn , am open to new ideas .

The Kenya guy made a statement on this faithful day , he said “Men pay attention to details , but women pay attention to fashion ”  guess what ?I didn’t have to argue , I gave him an agreeable nod , but I had to go back and ruminate on this statement . Because it is true  , most Ladies pay attention to how they look , Babes want to look fabulous ,every  mirror is a friend , but there are other details in life , there is more to this life than we can see .To become a successful leader you need to pay attention to even the slightest details .The things you might over look might cause you a life time to get again , be observant  , don’t just look but see.

Another thing is what are you doing to make someone else’s life better , you don’t have to be perfect to do that , get your mind right and help people , it musn’t be all about ME, ME , ME , because there’s going to be a time , this people will move for you . Hence note that your  Vulnerablity is not  for you, or people it’s for God Stop showing yourself strong , you can be hurt , and it can get really Bad 

In conclusion,  in life you need to learn how to carefully  choose your battles , don’t fight the wrong person because you need that energy to fight the right person ,  It’s not easy to live life the way you want it , even when you are willing , something about you might be stopping you , we are our own greatest enemies especially when it comes to issue of success , we just wont do something because we CAN and CANT .It could be hard ,but it’s not going to be like that forever

Allow yourself to go THROUGH  , to come TO , the development you get during trials and pressure is the best

Let your pretty self off the hook

Am your most fabulous Fan



2 Responses to “Allow YOU please …………….”

  1. Barnabie Says:

    The idea “don’t fight the wrong person” comes to me as an excuse to quit even before starting. I think what should be done is to take a calculated risk on the level of confrontation with anybody. In life, no one is a wrong or right person, it all depends on our relationship with the individual. Perceptive is what changes everything.

    On the issue of ladies pay attention to fashion while men pay attention to details sound egoistic from the part of any man. Some ladies pay more attention and have the ability to pay more attention to details than men. Women can multi-task while men find it difficult to do. So attention to details is relative to the individual not the gender.

    • charmingff Says:

      Hi Barnabie , thanks for stopping by , your corrections are noted , I only choose to look at things from a different perspective , like you said perceptive is what changes everything ………nice blog you got too , be good

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