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Its the Bend , not the End !!!! November 18, 2010

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Wow!, its been a while , How come have not been writing like I promised myself , Discipline matters in life , If you(Funmi+Everyone) wants to achieve anything in life .Life throws us different blows ,even punches and slaps and kicks , but the ability to remain standing and go through it all , makes you stronger ,The world is never going to run out of troubles ,so be prepared .
Life , each day has unfold loads of experiences and activites ,day in day out .I wade through it like a voyager,at times I smile , sometimes I even cry , I have gotten to some point recently that I feel heaven no ! I cant go on , somehow God will just make a way , the untimely blessings negates the trials , so for every trial there is an equivalent blessing .For every mess there is an equal and better message .
Looking back, I can honestly say that the greatest treasures in my life have been discovered during the darkest times of my life.
Over the years, weaknesses have given way to strengths and failures have led to successes and God has used it all for His glory and my good.
In God’s economy, a mess is the perfect setting for a miracle,A sliver of hope and a seed of victory are buried at the center of every problem. God has gone before everyone of us .
There are moments in my life when I tell myself the simple truth , except you follow and allow his will , you might run into issues , there is a lot of blessings to be claimed , so many promises to be fulfilled .We just need to align .

There are times when I just wish God should appear , I long for his touch , at times I dont know what to think and just remain mute and Blank ……………….that’s funny . We all need to give ourselves honest judgement at times , check yourself , often times when things are not going the way I want I just chill , and listen to myself and them seek God , not blaming anyone , but there is this fighting spirit that keeps me going , I just notice there is something about me that gives a daily check on what I really want for myself and what God says I would become .

Not to say too much ,Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, GOD smiles from above and says, “Relax, sweetheart, it’s just a bend, not the end!.When the tough times come, just look for the pearls.At times the road might just be a bend , but not the end , so if you think you’ ve gotten to the end of the road , keep moving , look ahead , turn right or left , there is definately a way out .

keep on keeping on .
Charming thots


4 Responses to “Its the Bend , not the End !!!!”

  1. Nice post Funmi. We all fall down and get back up again as the song says. We are bound to encounter some trials on the journey of life but how we handle it is what matters and seperates us from others.
    My intention daily is to see my glass as half full and keep pressing on.

  2. Tolu Says:

    I love telling people this ,”no matter how far the devil has gone, he can be stopped by God”, Funmi, we serve a wonderful God, He won’t ever let us go even we go through the darkest tunnels of our live. well done , Funmi.

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