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Hi Goliath , I am David !!! March 10, 2011

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For real being short tempered is been termed as a weakness , but there are times you just get very angry like you can crest an earthquake , am sure some of us have been in this kinda state before Oh, there are times that the great intentions of the heart are so frustrated by the frail reality of our humanness.

Makes me wonder what happened someday, I was going to have my bath in my apartment and some lady stepped on my toes , step as in did something so embarrassing and cruel to me ,at first I tried to manage my temper , I tried to calm down , but she was rather too tough for me , In that moment I yelled, I was too furious that I threw caution into the winds , After the whole scene , I went into my room and I was quiet , I sat down looking very disappointed in myself I chastised myself for being so far from God’s standard of gentleness and patience and long-suffering love. I felt weak. I felt the sting of failure.

But, isn’t that part of it? Realizing how frail our humanity makes us. I admitted my failure but refuse to wallow in it.

Deal with the issue but not heap shame on the offender. Some minutes later , the Lady walked into my room to apologize for what happened . I was ashamed of Me .I told her it was fine , that I have nothing against her and she was happy . (I’m nothing if not dramatic.) Yet, “and then something in me says” pick up the pieces of a wasted, angry morning. Set my activities aside, set demands aside, set the world’s expectations aside and infuse bad with good.

I’m not capable of this. But God’s spirit in me is so very capable.

There are times when people hurt you , when people throw insults at you like fresh air , when hurting people hurt you ,you get angry , you get furious , but whatever happens learn to close doors gently .

I remembered the story of a guy called DAVID , who fought a Giant called GOLIATH , no one would ever believe that just a stone was capable of running down the Giant , a well harmed and trained giant , to an ordinary Bush boy , this means that it’s not in the Volume of words you speak when you are angry, or actions you show , lately have been pressed but not crushed , persecuted but not abandoned by GOD , but because I have learnt my lessons , I just keep my cool , and don’t get worked up over petty things that could be overlooked ,I don’t need to show up too strong that I can handle the battles of life like a Goliath , I might just need to get the right stones like David and win the battles quietly , At times we don’t need to get so much wrapped up in what you are going to do about issues , but rather in what you want to be.

Dear Friend … I don’t know how. None of us really do. But the beauty of HIM is that He never asks us to figure all of life out. He simply says, follow ME. Follow ME in this minute and the next and the next.

So, step by imperfect step, I do. Whispering to myself , I want to be so much more … we need help to unravel the great mystery of being so very human with a soul that cries for more and more “and then some.”

Manage your emotions , you might just avoid fighting .

Loving thoughts



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